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Are you tired of encountering roadblocks while managing multiple ad accounts, social media profiles? Look no further! Logii, the most powerful multi-login browser, is here to revolutionize your experience.

What is Logii?

With Logii’s cutting-edge anti-detect and anti-browser fingerprinting systems, you can effortlessly create and access multiple profiles across various websites and networks, on popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

  • Geo-data protection
  • IP Protection
  • Independent Cookies
  • Language Identity
  • Protected Audio Identity
  • Time zone Anti-Detection
  • Custom Resolution Setup
  • Individualized LocalStorage
  • Unique User-Agents
  • WebGL Anti-Detect
  • IndexedDB Uniquifier
  • Standards compatible browser
  • Independent Environment
  • 1 Computer license
  • Proxy support
  • Supports up to 10 accounts running simultaneously
  • 100% independent browsing environment for each ID
  • Share accounts easily with team without sharing password
  • Control over all important browsing parameters
  • Secure browsing with multi-accounts at the same time
  • Low-bandwidth & memory requirements
  • Easy to use interface with familiar tools
  • Support for separate proxy for each account
  • Easy to use browser with all standard features
  • Install on up to 3 computers at the same time
  • Standards compliant and modern browser
  • Fast & easy browsing on your own network or on proxy
  • Works with all paid and free proxy systems worldwide
  • Has support for extensions
Logii Browser download
Logii Browser download

Why should you use Logii?

Using Logii is essential for anyone in need of managing multiple ad accounts, social media profiles, and conducting multi-account marketing without the risk of being blocked. With Logii’s powerful multi-login browser, equipped with anti-detect and anti-browser fingerprinting systems, you can effortlessly create and access multiple profiles simultaneously, collaborate seamlessly across multiple computers.

What are the benifits of using Logii?

  • Create multiple ad accounts securely
    Run multiple ad accounts from one computer with no shared footprint.
  • Do limitation free outreach marketing
    Tired of outreach limits? Just toggle to a different account and continue.
  • Get better results from Groups & Forums marketing
    Wish to create more buzz for your services? Use multi-account safely on forums to push your products ahead.
  • Get approved for more blog comments
    Want to get approved on more blogs? Use Logii to comment from the geographics that bloggers prefer. Leave multi-account comments.
  • Fully control your browser fingerprint
    Choose your location, IP, browser-type, device and more whenever you browse any site.
  • Saves time and reduces hassle
    No logout-login madness. No endless OTPs. Logii is fast, secure and easy.
  • Logii is more affordable than any alternative
    8x cheaper than VPS, 10x cheaper than competing multi-login browsers. 100% better.

Who should use for?

  • Must-have for marketing agencies
    Want to run campaigns for your clients? Use Logii browser to run their campaigns in protected environments. Don’t let one mistake kill all your clients.
  • Perfect for teams
    Work on your campaigns and then let your team members get access with just a click. No sharing of passwords.
  • Most important tool for every marketer
    If you are a digital marketer you need Logii no matter whether you do your marketing through SEO (blog), Social Media (Messaging & Outreach) or Ads.
  • Fitness & Health
    Manage multiple fitness or health-related social media profiles. Connect with a broader audience, attract more clients, and promote services effectively.
  • Salons & Beauty Treatments
    Efficiently manage appointments and customer profiles across multiple platforms. Enhance customer satisfaction by providing personalized services.

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In conclusion, Logii is the essential tool your business needs to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With the ability to manage multiple accounts seamlessly, it empowers you to unlock unlimited growth opportunities.

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You will get: Logii Browser 1 Year FE (Individual account)

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