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Discover ShopFunnels, the ultimate eCommerce store builder that lets you create high-converting online stores in just minutes! Sell anything, anywhere with this revolutionary tool built on the robust Cloudfunnels platform.

What is ShopFunnels?

ShopFunnels is a cutting-edge eCommerce store building software that simplifies the process of creating and managing online stores. Designed to help businesses increase sales and grow their online presence, it offers a user-friendly interface and powerful features to design high-converting stores in just a few clicks.

Easy to use, drag-n-drop designer

  • Drag & drop designer
  • Dozens of readymade blocks
  • Create your own reusable blocks

No complex DNS setup required

  • Book a domain in ShopFunnels with no setup, or use any domain you want.

No hosting hassles

  • Use in-built hosting to host in one-click or host on any hosting.

Save time with 100+ readymade templates

  • Ecom templates
  • Product page templates
  • Cart & Thank you page templates

Customizable Customers’ Area

  • Set up your own design for customers’ area
  • Customers can sign in and manage orders

Create multiple stores on one domain

  • Other ecom builders let you make one store per domain.
  • With ShopFunnels you can put multiple stores on one domain.

Run your ecom store on your blog or site

  • ShopFunnels can be installed on your existing domain, blog or site in a folder or on a subdomain easily.

Save money with in-built email autoresponder

  • Don’t pay for any external autoresponder.
  • ShopFunnels includes a full-blown autoresponder with mail campaign feature.

Do re-marketing easily with Facebook, Google & other pixels

  • It is easy to implement pixels on domain and verify them on Facebook & Google for easy remarketing.

Run your business better with insightful analytics

  • See detailed analytics about sales, customers and products.

Create A/B split tests for product pages

  • Create multiple product page designs and split test them to find out which one sells better.

Take your data anywhere with Zapier

  • Connect any app to ShopFunnels with a zap

Make your compliance easier

  • ShopFunnels is 100% GDPR compliant. You have control over user data and can also do data reporting.

Easily Manage Team Access

  • Give seperate and limited access to accountant, designer, etc.


  • Your funnels will not be going down because the network gets DDOSed. You are 100% protected.
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Why should you use ShopFunnels?

This is a game changer for any ecom store owner. With ShopFunnels you can have a fully stocked, from online courses, to digital products, to physical items, it will make it easier for you to sell, and sell all your items online.

How to use ShopFunnels?

The simplest roadmap to build a successful Ecommerce business:

Step 1: Find a niche you love Or even multiple niches that you are passionate about

  • You can sell anything online, from food to fashion; electronics, vehicles, components, handicrafts. Anything that you can think of, can be sold online.

Step 2: Setup your Ecommerce store

  • Pick your design and fill up your store with products
  • Your ecom store should complement your customers persona and your niche. Think about what they are looking for and pick your theme appropriately.

Step 3: Drive traffic and start selling

  • Get fresh customers the way you want
  • Drive traffic from ads, from your existing social media accounts or your blog. Start selling and acquiring customers for your products.

Step 4: Sell more & more with email

  • Bring back existing customers through email marketing
  • Send offers, discount coupons, cart reminders and more.
  • Use email to bring existing customers again and again and keep them buying.

Which niche can I create an Ecom store for?

Create an Ecom store for any niche you want: Fashion, Beauty, Electronics, Pet accessories, Health products, Decor & Lighting, DIY products, Athletics & Sports, Food products, Handicrafts, Books, Appliances, Travel, Jewelry & many more.

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Your business can’t do without ecommerce and if you don’t get ShopFunnels today you’ll also lose the opportunity to create ecom stores for others. Don’t lose this chance. Get your ShopFunnels at IMNuke today!

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