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Every filmmaker should have access to incredible music. That’s why Artlist was born. They search for the best musicians around the globe, then curate their music into one powerful platform, where filmmakers can always find something that inspires, excites, or moves to emphasize their work.

What is Artlist?

Artlist is a platform that provides copyright to use a multitude of high quality music (with lyrics, without lyrics) and SFX for video or movie projects. This is an extremely necessary “supply” for creators and even artists, production units or professional filmmakers.

  • 40 Royalty-free songs and 100 SFX per day (Shared for 5 Users)
  • Fast and efficient search (and awesome search filters)
  • Many genres available
  • High-quality music
  • A universal license covers everything
  • All songs and SFX are yours to keep even if you end subscription
  • Fast-growing library
  • User-friendly interface

Artlist group buy

Why should you use Artlist?

Artlist library has 18,000+ songs, and once you purchase a subscription, you get access to the entire catalog and can download as many songs as you want. hand-picks all the songs from independent artists and features music from all around the globe – from small villages in Asia to nightclubs in L.A. and London. The audio quality is always superb.

What Makes Artlist’s Search Filters Awesome?

  • Artlist’s search filters feature is really cool. Even though there are thousands of tracks in the library, it usually takes me just a couple of minutes to find the right song. Each song has a tag, and all the tags are divided into four filter categories: Mood (Groovy Serious, Love, Powerful, etc.), Genre (Classical, Reggae, Hip Hop, Country, etc.), Video Theme (Vlog, Weddings, Technology, Food, etc.), and Instrument (Piano, Mandolin & Ukulele, Acoustic Drums, Electric Guitar, etc.). The Video Theme filter that shows tracks based on the theme of your project is my favorite, and I actually haven’t seen anything similar on other music platforms.
  • Then, there is also the Spotlight section, which has curated song collections, such as Travel Vlog, Best for Commercial, Perfect for YouTube, National Anthem, Wedding Songs, 80’s Synthwave, and many others. And if you are anything like me and you don’t like to spend a lot of time looking for the most popular artists and songs, then you are going to love Spotlight.

What Is Artlist’s SFX Library?

  • In 2020, Artlist launched a new SFX library created by the world’s top studios, recordists, and sound designers. All the sound effects in the library are divided into 25 categories (City, Technology, Wildlife, Business and Office, Weather, etc.). There used to be a separate SFX plan for $149 a year, but that has changed and now the Unlimited plan includes both music and SFX, which is much more convenient.
  • The Artlist team daily adds new sound effects to the catalog. Most tracks are from a few seconds to a few minutes long.

What are the copyrighted audio resources that provides?

Types of copyrighted audio resources that provides to users:

  • Music: The Music category includes background music, songs (music with lyrics and instrumental) arranged in sub-categories so that users can easily find the right music for their needs. These subsections include
  • Mood: Categorize music according to the nature and melody of the song (playful, gentle, dramatic, powerful, …)
  • Video Theme: Categorized by certain themes, as background music for videos (Wedding, Catwalk, Food, Travel Vlog, Documentary,…)
  • Genre: List of tracks by genre (Acoustic, Blues, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Rock,…)
  • Instrument: A list of musical genres classified by musical instruments (Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Electric Drum, Electric Guitar, …).
  • SFX (Sound Effects): Are sound effects used in video clips to increase the liveliness of content. Like Music, the SFX catalog is also divided into subcategories for user convenience
  • Essentials: SFXs are classified by nature and content shown (Animal cries, Natural elements, Weapon sounds, …)
  • Ambience: Catalog of SFX from the surroundings (Nature, Weather, …)
  • Human: Human factor SFX (Footsteps sound, Martial arts sound, …)
  • Special: Special SFX used in editing (Animation, Horror, Explosion, …)
  • Musical: Musical effects (Single Sound – One Shots, Voice,…)

The Artlist review comes to an end, we believe it’s a great background, great music and sound effects, very intuitive interface and the price is amazing when you consider the reality is that you get a lifetime license for all your music use. Download speeds are quick and you’ll have a ton of music and sound effects to choose from. Decide to consider buying it at our Artlist group buy. You will receive attractive offers on prices. Thanks for visiting!

You will get: Artlist Creator Pro Music & SFX (Shared account)