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Build 300+ Wiki Backlinks – First EVER Web-based Wiki Link Builder!

What is Wiki Ranker?

  • Wiki Ranker is the First Ever – 100% Automated Web-based Wiki Link Building tool which allows unlimited link campaigns

Why Should You Give This A Try?

  • Rank Higher
    Sustainable search engine rankings come from authoritative links. Spam, even in millions, won’t rank you. Wiki Ranker helps you build authority and achieve higher rankings.
  • 100% Automated
    It is 100% automated – that means you never need to do the “miserable manual SEO tasks”. No registrations, logins, captchas, proxies, posting. It’s ALL automated!
  • Cloud SEO
    It is cloud-based and all campaigns & reports remain securely hosted at

More Details:

  • Web-Based Tool: Sign up & start adding campaigns right away from the members area. It’s all web-based, nothing to download or install.
  • Wiki Back-links: Get high authority wiki back links from hundreds of unique and powerful wiki sites. All that with push of a button!
  • Unlimited Projects: Wiki Ranker allows unlimited link projects. We want you to take advantage of these powerful wiki sites without limits!
  • Multiple URLs: Build links for multiple URLs. We don’t restrict the number of URLs. It can be your homepage, inner pages, tier 2 links, etc.
  • Video SEO: Disappointed by the video ranking tools that promised instant ranking? Well, not anymore, because wiki ranker help rank videos in search engines for long-term, not just for 1 week or so.
  • Link Automation: Wiki ranker is a 100% automated link building web-based software that required no manual signups, captchas, and proxies. Thanks to our Push Button link technology.
  • Drip Feed: With the drip feed option, you can possibly create links in the most safe and secure manner. Wiki ranker helps you keep your SEO campaign natural and effective!
  • White label Reports: Get complete white-label link reports in excel format. There’s no other software that generates such detailed and clean reports. Selling to clients? Add your logo & impress!

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