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Webvizio makes work on website development and updates can be easier, even multiple people and tools are involved. Assign tasks, comment, and collaborate with teams and clients on live and dev sites (works with any URL), as well as screenshots, and any images.

What is Webvizio?

Webvizio is a free website feedback tool & website review software designed for managers & teams to easily collaborate on website revisions in real time. Collaboration on website development can be a hassle. Gain control and provide your teams with clarity! Utilize a single platform for clients, managers, and dev teams to leave visual feedback & effectively collaborate on web development projects.

Everything in free and more:

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited managers seats
  • Task deadlines (coming May, 2022)
  • Team productivity dashboards (coming August, 2022)
  • Project activity logs
  • Integrations with Trello
  • ClickUp, Asana, Jira, Slack, Telegram (Coming soon)
  • More awesome features coming in 2022!
Webvizio group buy
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Why should you use Webvizio?

Webvizio lets you create unlimited projects with multiple pages in a single account, which means you’re able to collaborate with your entire team. Invite team members, freelancers, and clients to share their feedback on specific projects by adding them to your account.

Who should use Webvizio?

Webvizio is a solution for businesses, managers web designers, developers, QA teams, and digital agencies looking to streamline revisions for website projects to create and collaborate on multiple projects, assigning tasks to different team members. Monitor task status, your team productivity, and overall project progress.

How does Webvizio work?

Webvizio is a web-based application that allows users to quickly and easily construct attractive and interesting websites. Users simply enter the URL of their desired website into the given URL field and click the “Create” button to use Webvizio. If applicable, customers can specify which account their project should be added to by selecting it from a drop-down menu. Once this phase is completed, their new web project will show on their dashboard, where they may either preview it or immediately begin working on it by clicking the “Open Project” button.

What can Webvizio do for you?

  • Get everyone on the same page

Assign tasks, comment, and collaborate with your team and clients on live and dev sites. Works with any URL.
Visually highlight issues for your team and pin any web element, piece of copy, or bug to work on.

  • Keep your project under control

Assign tasks to different team members. Oversee task status, your team productivity, and overall project progress.

Get a clear picture of who is doing what, at any given moment, and make sure you got your message across.

  • Work on multiple projects and webpages

Create and collaborate on multiple projects. Every project is a different website, with all its pages under one tab.

  • Access tasks on any device

Screen resolution is customizable (desktop, tablets, mobile), or responsive, adjusting to different devices.

For every task, you can see the type of device, screen resolution, and browser version.

  • Collaborate more efficiently

Integrate with your favorite productivity software and planners, and send all feedback from one centralized place.

Receive status notifications about your team’s actions through multiple preferred channels, such as email, messengers, etc.

In short, when you use it, Webvizio helps your team:

  • Create an action on any web page copy or element
  • Specify and live preview tasks on the most common desktop and mobile screen resolutions
  • Collaborate on tasks, based on automatically generated web page images and screenshots
  • Assign, prioritize, and control web project tasks
  • Share your projects with teammates and contractors, assign different roles and permission levels
  • Get full visibility & transparency with downloadable reports and activity logs
  • Save time and effort by moving all interactions to one place.

You will get: Webvizio Unlimited (Individual)