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Wave.video is the easiest platform to implement. Video, Live Streaming Studio, Video Editor, Thumbnail Maker, Video Hosting, Video Recording and Stock Library combined in one platform.

What is Wave.video?

Wave video is a video marketing platform that combines first-rate video hosting services, an online video editor, and an instant video landing page builder in one platform. They believe in the power of video as a marketing tool and develop the Wave video platform in such a way that video creators of any level can intuitively use their features to create videos gorgeous results.

  • Download in mp4
  • 10 million royalty free video clips and images
  • Access to purchase 200 million video clips and images at huge discount
  • 200 free video embeds
  • 30-minute editing limit
  • Unlimited social media native shares
  • Customizable video player
  • 50 brand presets
  • SEO boosting rich snippets
  • Custom domains
  • Configurable video landing pages
  • Reseller rights
  • Whitelabel preview
  • Upload your own fonts
  • Automatic captioning


Why should you use Wave.video?

This set of tools allows marketers to create and repurpose videos for any marketing channel. Its a game-changer for businesses that aim to increase ROI from marketing funnel using videos. The Wave.video international team of designers, developers, testers, and marketers is constantly striving to make their products even more powerful and user-friendly.

What solutions does Wave.video offer?

Social Media Video Maker

  • Create a thumb stop social video with Wave video, a free social media video maker. Create videos in different sizes, including squares, Instagram Stories, Facebook video covers, and more. Engage your audience on a whole new level with video.

Instagram Video Editor

  • Edit your videos for Instagram, online, in minutes. Make square videos that are tailored for the Instagram feed. Create catchy Instagram Stories that will make your audience swipe up immediately. Dive into visual storytelling with the Instagram video maker from Wave video.

Video Ads Maker

  • Video content gains popularity with millions of users watching a minimum of 30-60 minutes of videos a day. Besides that, videos engage audiences, that’s why they are great at making ads successful: people love them. In Wave video ad maker, you can make videos for your online advertising that will help you gain more attention from users.

Online Video Maker

  • Easily create and edit videos for your social media, emails, website, and blog with just one awesome tool!
  • Enrich your content with 200M of stock videos, images and audio clips. Customize templates, style your videos, add captions, embed on your blog, drill down into video analytics and much more.

Why Use Wave.video as Your Social Media Video Maker?

30+ social video sizes available

  • Easily resize your video to fit any social platform. With Wave.video, you don’t have to make dozens of videos for every social channel. Instead, make one and change the size in one click.

300 million stock videos and images

  • Wave video comes with the rich library of 300 million royalty-free images, videos, and audio files. Even if you don’t have your own video, no worries. This social media video maker got you covered! Uh oh, and did we mention you can upload your own files, too?

Stunning text animations

  • Did you know 80% of social videos are watched with the sound off? Optimize your video for social by adding a text overlay. Wave.video comes with 20+ beautiful text animations to give your video a zest.

Wave.video is easy to use and fun too! Even if you have no knowledge in the field of Video Editing, it offers a lot of great features and is super easy to learn. They provide everything you need for video marketing: – Text to video – Auto captions – Video templates – Image and audio vault – Voiceover – Video editor and more. There are new features and improvements coming out every week! I recommend you buy it now at our Wave.video group buy to get the best tool at the cheapest price. I hope you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

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