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What is Voilà ?

Voilà is an AI-powered browser extension that transforms the way you create content, acquire knowledge, and improve productivity. With its innovative technology, Voilà empowers users to create high-quality content with ease, get accurate answers to their queries and optimize their overall workflow.

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FE – Voilà – $288/y

  • Unlimited requests
  • Chrome extension
  • Craft emails
  • Create blog posts, essays, and domain-specific documents in product development
  • Create UX, marketing, engineering, sales, advertising, and SEO content
  • Fix spelling and grammar
  • Translate text
  • Extract key information from any document
  • All integrations (and future added integrations)
  • Early access to new features
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Why should you use Voilà?

  • Create high-quality content
    Voilà is fine-tuned to help you write a wide range of content, from blog posts and essays to professional, domain-specific documents in product development, UX, marketing, engineering, sales, advertising, and SEO.
  • Write emails 10x faster
    Effortlessly draft and reply to emails in a fraction of the time. Create professional and effective messages with just one click.
  • Ask any question
    Experience the magic of getting instant answers to any question or topic. Voilà can answer any question, look up any information, and explain any concept.
  • Fix spelling & grammar
    Improve your writing, fix spelling and grammar, translate text and summarize or extract key information from any document.
  • Supercharge your browser
    Strealime your browser experience with convenient shortcuts for common browser and work-related actions, making your daily tasks faster and easier than ever before.

What can Voilà do for you?

Here are Voilà’s use cases:

  • Resumes
    Stand out from the competition with a professionally crafted resume that highlights your unique strengths.
  • Domain names
    Choose memorable, brand-aligned domain names that make a powerful online statement.
  • Engaging LinkedIn posts
    Amplify your professional presence with LinkedIn posts that spark conversation and foster connections.
  • Email Replies
    Respond confidently and efficiently with well-crafted email replies that address recipients’ concerns.
  • Cover Letters
    Make a lasting impression with personalized cover letters that convey your passion and expertise.
  • Project charter
    Define your project’s vision and objectives with a concise, well-structured charter.
  • Ad campaign strategy
    Develop a winning ad campaign strategy that aligns with your goals and optimizes performance.
  • Social Media Content
    Connect with your audience through creative, share-worthy social media content that builds brand loyalty.
  • Case Studies
    Showcase your success stories with compelling, results-driven case studies that inspire confidence.
  • Marketing campaigns
    Craft irresistible campaigns that capture your audience’s attention and drive results.
  • Product Descriptions
    Highlight your product’s unique selling points with persuasive, informative descriptions that drive sales.
  • Targeted Ad copy
    Capture your audience’s attention with tailored, persuasive ad copy designed for maximum impact.
  • Video Scripts
    Create dynamic, attention-grabbing video content with scripts that tell your story with impact.
  • Recruiting emails
    Attract top talent with persuasive, personalized recruiting emails that showcase your company’s culture.
  • SEO Content
    Boost search engine visibility with content optimized for keywords and user intent.
  • Customer Testimonials
    Showcase genuine, heartwarming customer testimonials that build trust and credibility.
  • User Guides
    Simplify complex processes with user-friendly guides that empower customers and minimize confusion.
  • Essays
    Express your thoughts and ideas coherently with well-structured, persuasive essays that captivate readers.
  • Release notes
    Communicate product updates clearly and concisely with informative, user-friendly release notes.
  • Business Cases
    Build compelling, data-driven business cases that support strategic decision-making.
  • Newsletters
    Engage subscribers with informative, well-curated newsletters that keep them in the loop.