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No longer will you have to pay outrageous voiceover bills. Voicealizer will produce human sounding voiceovers with no monthly fees. They offer unlimited usage.

What is Voicealizer?

Voicealizer is an artificial intelligence-powered speech-to-text software. In simpler words, it is a process to convert text into a voiceover that sounds precisely human. There is no need to be stuck paying outrageous amounts and waiting days on end for voiceovers to be created.

  • 50 Languages
  • 335 voices (male & female)
  • Unlimited usage
  • Background Music
  • Translate text
  • Create video subtitles
  • Add voice to your articles
  • 30 Day Money Back
Voicealizer group buy
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Why should you use Voicealizer?

Voicealizer can do the job without the hassle of any monthly fees. Voicea lizer offers female and male voiceovers in about 336 voices available in 50 different languages. This is a simple three-step process that has been crafted in 12 months for the ease of its users, assist with podcasts, online training videos, sales videos and help generate voiceovers for YouTube content. With Voicea lizer allowing you to change your text in another language, you can expand your market anywhere in the world.

Who should use Voicealizer?

With 336 voices and over 35 languages, Voicea lizer is no exception. Use Voicea lizer to give your Podcast a more professional sound. Sales video marketers, news writers, presentations, youtubers use Voicea lizer to dub their youtube videos, businesses need to convert national languages to other languages with just 1 click.

How does Voicealizer work?

Artificial intelligence is used by Voicealizer to transform any text into a human-sounding voice. It creates the voice-over you want for you using neural network technology. It operates by breaking down the text into words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. It’s like if you had an automatic assistant who can read what you’ve typed.

Your text is converted into speech by Voicealizer. It will give your text a more genuine tone. A human-sounding voice-over will be created from your text. It is not necessary for you to record or even speak. The system is intended to provide a pleasant-to-listen-to voice.

What can Voicealizer do for you?

Hundreds of Voices

Choose from 336 different voices in over 50 languages. We have every style of voice you need to help your projects to be successful.

Breathing, Pauses and Tone Change

Add in breathing and pauses to make your voiceover sound even more realistic. You can also edit the speed, pitch and tone of each voice so it fits your project perfectly.

Save $1000’s on Expensive Voiceovers

The average cost for a voiceover is $30 per 100 words. With Voicealizer, you pay a small one-time fee for unlimited on going access.

Unlimited usage

We don’t limit the number of characters you can use each month.

Background Music

Studies show speeches with background music give the audience a better impression of the speaker, meaning your users will trust you more. This will help you increase engagement and help get more raving fans. All music is copyright and royalty free and can be uploaded to video sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

Translate Your Text Into a Different Language

The software also can translate your text in to a different language with one click of your mouse. For example convert your text from English to Spanish. The system can then produce your voiceover in the newly translated language. This is great for expanding in to new countries.

Video Subtitles

Add video subtitles to your project. The subtitles file runs in time with your voiceover. They work with all video providers including Youtube, Vimeo, JW Player, Wistia, WordPress & more. There’s also training showing you how to use them on your video player with ease.

Add Voice To Your Articles

Simply copy the article in to Voicealizer to get the audio player code so your users can listen instead of read. This will drive up engagement on your site.

YouTube video

In conclusion, VoiceAlizer is a new product but a recent update to one of the best text-to-speech engines that I’ve seen. What makes it unique is that it includes lots of different voices and accents, so you can be sure you’re getting the right voice for your project. It also has a very simple interface and is extremely easy to use. This is a must-try software if you’re looking for good-quality text-to-speech software. I hope with the information and functionality that it brings will make you click buy now.

You will get: Voicealizer Unlimited (Shared account)

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