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Now, With VOICE STUDIO FX you can stop paying more for lower quality, get human-like artificial intelligence voice technology and never have to buy credit again! You can have realistic human-like voiceovers and not go bankrupt buying credits every month!


Voice Studio FX works 100% on the web, no software installation required and so simple, even a real novice can use it! This tool gives you a real quality human voice that engages and converts without putting a strain on your monthly bankroll


Why should you use VOICE STUDIO FX?

  • You’ll always have the perfect voiceover in seconds
  • Real human qualities
  • Voice studio FX’s AI engine ensures that your voiceovers won’t sound robotic. Your voiceovers won’t creep out and turn off your listeners and buyers they will enhance, engage, and convert!
  • You won’t constantly be nickeled and dimed for credits
  • You’ll never waste time and effort searching for talent again
  • The simplest voiceover app ever
  • No more paying twice for one job
  • You can even open an income stream by producing voiceovers for others

How does it work?

Voice Studio FX is as simple as 1-2-3:

  • Step 1: Select from our 12 different voices, all sound like real humans
  • Step 2: Type or paste your text into the box
  • Step 3: Click synthesize and your voiceover is ready in seconds


  • 12 Realistic Human Sounding Voices
  • You Get Up To 30,000 Credits Each Month
  • Super Simple Dashboard Design That’s Completely Newbie Friendly!
  • Artificial Intelligence Engine Makes Voiceovers FEEL Real!
  • Store Your Voiceover Projects For Anytime In The Future!
  • Voice Studio FX Is So Good, You Can Start A Voiceover Service With It!

All Future Voices Are Included

  • You’ll love this. We always support our apps longterm, and Voice Studio FX is no exception. We have a list of new voices to add as they are developed. Voice Studio FX Pro users will get each and every one of them unlocked in their dashboard as they become available.

Expand Conversions To 3,000 Characters Each!

  • Your current level of Voice Studio FX lets your text to speech conversions be up to 1,000 characters in length each.
  • That’s great for most uses, but if you’re doing longer videos, audio books, etc., you could be facing trying to “stitch” together multiple voiceovers into one.
  • Going Pro cuts your work by tripling the length of your conversions, so you can complete longer jobs in one swoop.

10,000 Extra Conversion Credits Each Month

  • Your current level of Voice Studio FX gives you 30,000 conversion credits to start, and then 30,000 conversion credits each month after month after month.
  • But you’re a pro and you need more! So we’re going to bump you up to 40,000 credits now and every month in the future!
  • That’s right, 10,000 extra conversion credits each month, so you can do even more voiceover jobs than before!
  • Adds 30 Non-English Realistic Human Sounding Voices
  • Male And Feamle Voices
  • One-Time Payment
  • No Monthly Recurring Membership Fee
  • No Monthly Credits Chafge
  • Unlocks unlimited conversion credits
  • Creata as many voiceovers
  • One-time payment, no recurring
  • Option disappears afer launch

In conclusion, if you are looking for an efficient and effective tool to create professional-grade voiceovers quickly and easily, Voice Studio FX is the perfect solution. With Voice Studio FX, you can achieve the perfect tone, inflection, and style for your project, ensuring that your message is conveyed with the utmost clarity and impact. Don’t wait any longer to revolutionize your voiceover production process! Don’t wait any longer to revolutionize your voiceover production process!

You will get: FE + OTO3 (Shared account)