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Viral Vault is an all-in-one toolkit to build your Dropshipping store. They provide everything you need to start your own online store easily. Stay tuned to the end of the article to see if Viral Vault is the right tool for you.

What is Viral Vault?

The resources, methods, and assistance offered by ViralVault enable owners of e-commerce businesses to succeed. The reasoning behind Viral Vault is that it takes money and effort to conduct the marketing and research necessary to create a successful e-commerce company.

  • 2 hand-picked products everyday with launch-ready descriptions, video ads, targeting, ad copy & competitor data.
  • Step-By-Step training program to take you from zero to building a $10k+/month store.
    (Backed by verified student results)
  • A private community of dedicated eCom entrepreneurs with weekly live Q&A + strategy sessions from Jordan Welch.

ViralVault group buy

Why should you use Viral Vault?

The idea behind ViralVault is that learning how to create and sell a shop takes time and might be expensive (if you do not know what you are doing). Therefore, it makes the claim that it will assist you in automating the process of developing the research and marketing pillars of your eCommerce business by providing you with the resources, techniques, and support you’ll require along the way.

Who should use for?

A service called Viral Vault dropshipping makes the promise that it can assist users in setting up an online store for dropshipping and offering promotional materials. Every new dropshipper is aware that marketing and research are difficult tasks. ViralVault provides to handle that so you can concentrate on generating sales and boosting your revenue.

How ViralVault Works?

  • You must log in to ViralVault, an online platform, in order to access any of the aforementioned capabilities and to purchase new goods to market on your store.
  • After logging in, you can use the interface’s left hand panel to click on the pertinent parts to access the suggested items and the marketing collateral you need to promote them (Product Page Copy, Ad Copy etc.)
  • In essence, Viral Vault employs a number of researchers who have received training in a variety of study procedures.
  • In order to find out what is selling and what is popular, they typically do searches on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram), online marketplaces (AliExpress, Alibaba), and other stores.
  • The second branch of the team concentrates on creating the content you can utilize to support the promotion of those goods.
  • This contains suggestions for Facebook targeting for each product, a pre-written product page, a video ad, the ad wording to use, and more.
  • By registering, you also gain access to a “Beginner Friendly eCommerce Training Program” in addition to the research and marketing materials.
  • With this, you can set up your Shopify store, but there isn’t much discussion of what’s included or how much training is offered.

Top features of ViralVault

Daily Product Research

Doing research is to gain a competitive edge and increase your sales.
Therefore, you are not competitive if you have to act on product research that other 1,000 people intend to work on the same day. You will realize that the same products you promote, others are doing the same.

Marketing Materials

Let’s assume that the product description, ad copy, and video ad templates are available for all members. You will be using the same materials as every Viral Vault member to promote your business.

The Training

Viral Vault claims that it provides beginners with a training program to help them start their ecommerce business. There is no proof that the training is comprehensive or gives beginners the skills to be successful in ecommerce or dropshipping.

No Market Testing

Viral Vault provides daily research reports on products, but they don’t do testing to find out whether the products are in demand or not. There is no way of knowing whether the products are in demand because of end month sales or because people genuinely need the recommended products.

Basic Content and Ideas

Everything on Viral Vault seems to be on the basic level. The research and marketing done on the products is something anyone can do in a matter of minutes. Moreover, subscribers learn little of value on the platform.

This is the conclusion of the Viral Vault review. I hope that the information I provide will be useful to you. Buy now at Viral Vault group buy. Thanks for visiting!

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