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VidIQ was created with the mission to empower every video creator with the insights and inspiration they need to thrive. That’s why they always want to create a smart combination of technology and human expertise to help you get more views.

What is VidIQ?

VidIQ is a Chrome extension designed to help you manage and optimize your YouTube channels. It can help you grow your channel by providing detailed YouTube analytics and measurement information so you can make better decisions.

Web Suite + Chrome Extension

  • You get access to both the VidIQ web suite and the Chrome extension so you can research and optimize your videos from different devices.

Research the level of competition

  • VidIQ allows you to track competitors, including top influencers in your niche or industry. You will be able to see what is and isn’t working for your competitors.
  • Get your competitor’s video stats. Shows data like peak views, hourly views, and subscriber growth.
  • Monitor competitor channels. Compare your channel with your competitors. Add any channels you want to see relevant stats for. Sort data by date or views per hour.
  • Export top keywords. Find out what keywords your competitors are using.

SEO tools and keywords

  • YouTube Keyword Research Tool – search for keywords in any niche and find out views and subscribers and competition. VidIQ gives a Keyword Score that gives you an idea of ​​a keyword’s value.
  • Keyword Inspector – Gives you more keyword information like related videos and interests over time.
  • Inline Keywords – Show tags used by your competitors.
  • Keyword Translator – Translate your titles, descriptions, and tags into multiple languages ​​to reach a global audience.
  • Keyword Templates – Create tag templates that you can easily insert into any future videos.
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Why should you use VidIQ?

It’s really frustrating when you create great content and people don’t even see it! That’s why every online content creator should learn about SEO. It’s the best way to get eyeballs on your content when you’re nobody. VidIQ is an SEO tool for YouTubers with quite a few interesting features. It will help you understand SEO better, and give you a lot of clues that you can use to determine the best type of video you should make.

What can VidIQ do for you?

  • If you want your videos to rank well and be discovered by, or suggested to, other viewers you’ll need to know how to research the best keywords to maximize your titles, descriptions, tags and Playlists, and understand what your competitors are doing to win
  • The vidIQ Channel Audit tool will help you fully understand what’s working with your content, what’s not working, and what you need to do to get your Channel in the best shape you can. It’s one of the most powerful video marketing tools on the planet, giving every creator the information they need to grow and succeed on YouTube.
  • With their Compare Views tool you can track the velocity of any video on YouTube and then compare it to any video or any channel to get the best real-time feedback on how your content is performing!
  • YouTube is the home of trending video content and if you want to find out what’s actually trending and driving massive views their Most Viewed tool gives you incredible insight into the trending topics on YouTube.
  • Their Productivity tools make running your YouTube Channel so much easier, freeing you up to spend more time creating your content.

Who should use VidIQ?

  • If you’re a YouTuber, it analyzes your account and gives you meaningful insights that help you make actionable decisions. Video analytics helps you learn more about how users interact with each other.
  • VidIQ is for business, you can comfortably use for basic features and professional features for a fairly cheap price. This tool has a powerful set of YouTube SEO features that help you create SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags.

YouTube video

VidIQ is a unique tool that has been and continues to help YouTubers achieve their goals. I recommend you buy it now at our VidIQ group buy to own the best tool at the cheapest price. I hope that you will find this article useful. If you’re still thinking about it, read on in our VidIQ review before clicking buy. Thanks for reading!

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