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With VEED You don’t need any video editing experience. You can drag and drop elements easily into the timeline; add text, images, background music, etc. Creating beautiful videos has never been so easy. It only takes a few clicks!

What is VEED?

VEED is a simple video editor. Add subtitles, transcription, and more to create a compelling intro to your video. Create beautiful videos for YouTube channel and social networking sites. You can add royalty-free music at the beginning of your videos to easily capture viewers’ attention and increase engagement to get more views.

For professionals that need translations, storage, and brand tools:

The Basics

  • Watermark
  • Video Export Length: 2 hours
  • Upload File Size
  • Projects Unlimited
  • Storage 100GB
  • Downloads Unlimited
  • Export Quality 4K
  • Text Animations Unlimited
  • Stock Audio Unlimited
  • Stock Video Unlimited
  • Templates Unlimited
  • Clean Audio
  • Support Chat


  • Auto Subtitles Up to 1,440 min/yr
  • SRT Subtitles Downloads
  • Subtitle Translation
  • Video Localization Tools

Workflow Tools

  • Screen & Cam Recorder
  • Video Compressor Unlimited
  • Video Converter Unlimited
  • Video Player
  • Commenting & Review
  • Share & Embed

Live Streaming

  • Stream Anywhere (1080p)
  • Stream Recording Unlimited
  • Invite Guests Up to 8
  • Customizable Stream
  • Transcriptions
  • Content Repurposing
  • Custom Watermark

Brand Tools

  • Brand Kit
  • Custom Fonts
  • Brand Colors
  • Custom Watermarks
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Why should you use VEED?

VEED is used by thousands of content creators around the world to create videos for social media and more. There’s no software to download and you don’t need any prior video editing experience. Their free video editing app works right in your browser. Whether you’re adding captions to a YouTube video, a progress bar for Instagram Stories, or cropping some scenes to fit a Twitter post, you can do it all.

Who should use VEED?

Business, Education, Personal

  • Whether you’re posting on a YouTube channel, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any social media platform, you can use their simple video maker to create engaging content that boosts likes, followers and subscribers.
  • VEED is the perfect place to make your marketing videos, video ads, promo videos, business videos, training & educational videos, and develop your online presence

Collaborate on Video Projects

  • VEED is an online video maker that supports collaborative team use. Work together on projects in any video format (MP4, MOV, WEBM, AVI, etc.), and for any purpose – editing webinar videos, Zoom recordings, adding soundwaves to podcast videos, and more. You can edit unlimited videos (including audio editing & sound effects).
  • VEED allows you to create amazing marketing videos for any social media platform, intro videos (with our Intro Maker), add logos and always be on brand.

How to Edit a Video?

With 3 easy steps, you can already create yourself an impressive video that attracts viewers:

Step 1: Choose a File

  • Select a video to upload, or try one of our sample videos

Step 2: Make Edits to your Video, Online

  • In the editor you can add text, add audio, remove audio, add subtitles automatically, crop, rotate, add filters & effects, and much, much more!

Step 3: Download

  • Just click ‘Export’ and you’re ready to watch and share your fully edited video! Happy viewing!

YouTube video

Looking for an online video editor to spice up your videos? You’re in the right place. VEED is an online video editor packed with amazing effects to make your videos stunning and eye-catching. You no longer need complicated, expensive software like Final Cut Pro X or avidemux or hire separate professional video production teams! VEED is a free video editor that puts the power at your fingertips, delivering incredible video creation. I recommend you buy it now at our VEED group buy to own the best tool at the cheapest price. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

You will get: VEED Pro (Shared account)

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