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uPassive is a win-win for generating you passive income, by automatically providing increased online exposure for companies. uPassive gives you the best of both worlds: the opportunity for fast cash today, and future-proofing your income tomorrow!

What is uPassive?

uPassive is a passive income breakthrough that uses simple custom pages to generate revenues, with no maintenance required. No content creation, no updating, and no manual effort at all after the initial set up [which can take less than 5 minutes].

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Why should you use uPassive?

Unlimited Demand

  • This works in any niche. Your options are virtually unlimited.
  • Pick any topic that comes to mind, and set up a site for it in 5 mins or less.

Fully Automated After Just 5 Mins of Setup

  • All we ask is that you take “5 mins” to uPassive your niche sites.
  • Is that something you can do?

Multiple Upfront & Long Term Income Streams

  • This system is built for effortless scaling.
  • As our free traffic grows, so does our profit potential from 4 powerful income streams.

Passive with Integration to Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Pick a niche, any niche!
  • Choose completely different niches, or sub-categories within a single niche if you prefer.
  • Our system fully automates everything and gives you the power of income DIVERSITY.
  • One time setup takes just minutes, then they’re good to go.

How is uPassive used?

There are only literally 3 steps to earn such benefits from UPassive:

  • Step 1: Get the software right now to get the best deal then set it up. This works in any niche on demand so no worries you will pick the niche you want.
  • Step 2: Add Your Monetization. Choose the niche you want and create campaign in seconds!
  • Step 3: Activate the free traffic: yes, even the traffic is included with Upassive. it’s all so easy! You can share your campaigns to those traffics and any social media platforms you want. Then sit back to wait for money pouring on your accounts!

uPassive Upsells:

  • Creating blogs & writing daily content
  • Posting 8 times a day on 6 different social networks
  • Making videos to share on 6 MORE social networks
  • Networking in dozens of different pages & groups
  • Answering questions on forums to “build authority”
  • Buying & learning page building software, video editors & more complicated tools
  • Creating websites
  • Studying SEO
  • Building eCom stores
  • Making products
  • Learning advertising
  • Setting up funnels
  • Premium Support For Pro Members
  • Pro Training From A 7 Figure Earner
  • Amazing Extra Features Included
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Activate these PRE-MONETIZED income sites for nearly instant results with zero setup … so you can start generating passive income ASAP
  • Take the “guesswork” out, and start banking now!
  • Let our professional, optimized sales presentation close YOUR visitors on this evergreen offer
  • Just add this autoplay video to any or all of your Set & Forget pages
  • Take home $1,000 in pure commissions from every automated sale!
  • Easy Affiliate Profits alone can add HUNDREDS of dollars to your bottom line Every. Single. Day.
  • Steal our best highest converting promos created for you.
  • Plug in and generate hands-free commissions within 60 seconds… BOOM!
  • You will gain access to all our 100% PROVEN offers, niches, copy, networks
  • This will allow you to get unlimited traffic…
  • You will “plug” straight into a WINNING system
  • No figuring stuff out. No thinking about how to make it work.
  • Now you can enjoy the luxury of having “traffic on tap”
  • Go Pro in Minutes
    It takes a long time to create a product. “Go pro” and steal mine in minutes.
  • Keep 100% of Money
    All money that you create will go directly to your PayPal account

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In short, uPassive is beginner-friendly. Everything you need to get it up and running is included in the step-by-step video tutorial. It is offered by IMNuke at a super low price once, for this launch period only. We promise you’ve never seen anything like this: something so effective and so easy. Now you can run your lucrative uPassive sites with no monthly costs!

You will get: uPassive FE (Individual account)

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