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Trend Watchers was created with the mission to help & prepare ordinary people to spot and act on life-changing opportunities. This tool helps you to earn more than 100,000$ per day. What’s so great about it? Let’s find out with me.

What is Trend Watchers?

Content creators are constantly looking for ways to expand their reach on social media – especially YouTube exponentially. Trend Watchers makes this task simple by informing creators of trends in the categories of their choice and showing them how to create compelling content around it.

  • Access to all trends (including trends that will explode in the future!)
  • Unlimited Viral Video maker users
  • All countries unlocked
  • Access to our keyword competition checker
  • Estimated earnings access
  • Full keyword discovery access
  • Access to our entire library of trend reports & how to use them
  • Full access to our detailed FAQ on how to leverage the platform
  • Unlimited keywords in your watch list
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Why should you use Trend Watchers?

Trend Watchers is a great product/topic research tool, hassle-free viral content ideas. This tool includes more than 1,000 new trends released weekly. For now, Trend Watchers helps creators spot and capitalize on internet trends, but over time they will eventually turn to business trends to help people prepare for potential life-changing opportunities.

How Trend Watchers works?

  • Trend Alert
    We’ll notify you about new trends in your niche & show you how to use them.
  • Content Creation
    We’ll give you ideas on how to create content around the trend we issued.
  • Your Content Goes Viral
    With time and persistence, your video may go viral!
  • Redirect & Upsell
    We’ll next show you how to upsell this traffic to maximize your online income.

How to use Trend Watchers to upload your first viral video to YouTube?

There are two ways to grow on YouTube. The first way is to take the SEO route by chasing low competition keywords with decent monthly search volume. The second way is to satisfy the YouTube algorithm to have it push out your content to the masses. The first-way works but the second way is the key to exponential growth.

Part 1 – Understanding That YouTube is a Numbers Game

Every time I would start a new channel, I knew I NEEDED to at least get 25-30 videos up. With this number of videos up, I KNOW about 1-3 videos will go viral within 6 – 12 months.

Why Do We Want Atleast 1 Video To Go Viral?

When one video goes viral on YouTube, YouTube LOVES to bring the rest of your channel up aswell. So let’s say you get a video that randomly gets 500 views, now all of a sudden all of your other videos will start to build some traction aswell around the same time.

Part 2 – Creating Your Video Series

There are two ways to post to YouTube. I refer to these two ways as traditional posting & using video series.

What is traditional posting?

Traditional posting is the normal process people go through when creating content. Tons of energy & time go into traditional posting. I’ll break it down step by step: Brainstorming, Preparing, Shooting, Editing

What is a video series?

A video series is where you use the same/similar video setup for each video. Once you have a video series brainstormed, you just have to rotate out the subject. Creating & running your first video series will give you the same problems as posting traditionally but after 3-5 videos, things will start to get easier.

Part 3 – Testing Trends

The best way to apply trends to your YouTube channel is to create your video series 1st then use different sources to plug in trending topics to test on your channel. One great source you can use is Trend Watchers. They post trends daily for content creators every day across 50+ different categories.

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Trend Watchers allows you to spot these trends before anyone else does. Online bloggers can spot viral trends before anyone else. Grab it while you still can. I recommend you buy it now at our Trend Watchers group buy to own the best tool at the cheapest price. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

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