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Realize that selling online professionally is harder than budgeting. In 2015, the founders changed the project and launched Trakto as a publisher to create marketing materials. city. It all started with an idea. The creative power goes beyond the mold. Art for social media, links to bios, ebooks, presentations, and more.

What is Trakto?

It is an easy-to-use online design editor that helps you create professional sales and marketing materials with templates, images, icons, shapes, and more.

  • Create unlimited art
  • Access unlimited images and icons
  • Unlimited photo magic cropping
  • Export designs in MP4, PNG, or PDF format
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Access to premium templates
  • Unlimited background removals
  • Unlimited links
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Why should you use Trakto?

You must be wondering, theIs it worth it? The answer is yes, as it can be useful in many ways, to create commercial proposals, presentations, contracts, ebooks, mini-sites, arts for social networks such as Instagram, Facebook cover and YouTube video.

Who should use Trakto?

  • Trakto is the perfect platform for small businesses, self-employed professionals and freelancers looking to save time and money while having the autonomy to create their own marketing materials.
  • Trakto is a tool that helps users create social media content, ebooks, presentations, and other digital media, potentially using templates or other features to streamline the design process.
  • It seems to be geared towards individuals or businesses looking to create professional-quality content for social media or other digital platforms.

What can you do with Trakto?

Trakto Design

  • A simple and very powerful editor
    Easily create your designs in a simple and practical way with our extremely powerful editor, where you can start from scratch or with our ready-made templates made by professional designers.
  • Unlimited creativity on any device
    Have the freedom to create on any device. Use it directly in your laptop’s browser, or download the app on your cell phone or tablet.
  • Get access to thousands of ready-made templates
    Get started using our professional templates, images and quality content. Bring your ideas to life and stand out with amazing art.
  • Magic picture background remover with just 1 click
    Need to remove backgrounds from your images? With us you remove with just 1 touch, in a 100% automated way. Try our background remover and see the magic happen.
  • Create beautiful mini-sites with Trakto Links
    In need of a website to promote your services on the bio link? Or a menu for your restaurant? With Trakto Links you can do this easily, quickly and automatically.

Trakto Empresas

  • Customized solution for your business
    Take control of your brand, empower your business and engage users with your whitelabel version. Create value for your brand, standardize the graphic material and offer online editing in a simple way.
  • Bella, design and content assistant
    Bella is our artificial intelligence designed to help you create content, artwork, color palette, logo, and more, in just a few clicks.
  • Application that creates designs alone, just ask Bella to do it for you
    Just explain to Bella what you need, and she’ll be ready to help, creating designs especially for your user.
  • Custom arts with our bot for WhatsApp
    Empower your audience with our bot. A chat available at all times to create incredible and personalized templates with your branding for sharing and promotion in chat apps and social networks. Our artificial intelligence will also generate captions and hashtags for sharing.

Trakto Education

  • One tool, infinite possibilities
    Marketing campaigns, customizable formats listing, template gallery organization, material upload support, creation of different workspaces for different brands/labels and much more.
  • A space to dream, create and educate
    Where education meets creativity with the editor that will help in campaign periods with standardized and original content. In addition to organizing the routine and facilitating the day to day of administration.
  • More creative classes, more engaged students
    Modern and creative classes and school supplies with professionally designed designs. One editor, each class on one page. Simple, easy and organized.

Trakto is a user friendly online tool for creating professional quality graphic designs for use on digital platforms and in print. If you are interested in using Trakto to create your own designs, you can purchase it on the our IMNuke.

You will get: Trakto Pro (Shared account)