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Switchy is an all-in-one link management and engagement platform founded by Geoffroy d’Halluin, along with a team of developers and designers in 2018. If your work revolves around links, you know how creating and managing your links can be quite a challenging task! But not anymore! Switchy is here to simplify your life.

What is Switchy?

Switchy helps you shorten, customize, and re-target your linksalong with providing a variety of other features aimed at improving engagements and conversion rates.

  • Create Folders
    You can organize your links in different folders for more convenience. For example, I have different folders for storing my links related to domains, hosting, cloud storage, VPN, password managers, etc.
  • Add Notes
    You can add notes within your links. These are only for your convenience and won’t be shown on the actual links.
  • Deep Linking
    Deep linking is a technique that redirects a user clicking from a browser to a specific app. For example, if a user clicks on a link to my YouTube video, instead of playing in the browser, you can get it to launch in the Youtube app on their mobile through deep linking. There are 130+ integrations on Switchy covering categories like Travel, Social Media, Food, News, eCommerce, Health, Finance, etc.
  • Add Tags
    Relevant hashtags can be targeted through your customized links.
  • Geolocation
    If you have a wide audience base spanning different countries or regions, you can redirect your traffic to different URLs according to their location.
  • Link Expiration
    If you are running some discounts or deals on your site for a limited time, Switchy lets you set link expiration dates. The link will stop working on the specified time and will be redirected to a URL of your choice.
  • Set a Favicon
    Favicon is that tiny icon visible beside your web page in the browser window. You can upload your own icons to personalize any web page according to your brand.
  • GDPR Pop-up
    If your audience belongs to Europe or California, you can enable the GDPR pop-up to inform them you are collecting their information for analytics.
Switchy group buy
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Why should you use Switchy?

Switchy.io allows you to customize, manage, and track retargeting links so you can increase conversions, increase social engagement, and generate advanced biolinks. Now you can use links as a legitimate marketing channel—not just a simple redirect!

What can Switchy do for you?

  • Switchy is more than just a link shortener — it’s one of the most complete and global affiliate engagement platforms.
  • You have the ability to customize the look and feel of a post shared on social media. Edit titles, domains, descriptions, and images to let your links shine.
  • From there, you can add a retargeting pixel, UTM, tags, geo-redirects, A/B testing, or even trigger deep linking using over 30 advanced options to help with your conversions. you soar.
  • Once you’ve created the most clickable links in the game, you can track users interacting with your posts.
  • You can integrate retargeting pixels directly into your links without any technical skills thanks to step-by-step instructions.
  • So now every user who clicks on your link will be automatically pixelated and targeted on any Advertising Platform.
  • Plus, you can direct your users to the highest converting channels with intelligent deep links from over 150 built-in platforms, allowing you to direct your audience to specific pages on any platform. or device.
  • Switchy also lets you create branded smart pages in seconds.
  • These mini landing pages are designed for mobile devices, so you can use them as a more comprehensive biolink for your social profiles to redirect potential customers to the content. your most important.
  • The easy-to-use smart page builder offers over 100 templates and 20 different block types to suit any type of industry, whether you’re a DJ, social media marketer, or online retailer.
  • You’ll also be able to run A/B tests and smart ads for more effective campaigns!
  • Non-customized links look unattractive and untrustworthy. And if you want to convert, you can’t have that.
  • This tool allows you to customize, shorten and track your smart links for more conversions.

Who should use Switchy?

Equipped with modern design and colors, it also looks quite organized and beginner-friendly. Best for: Marketing agencies, content teams, e-commerce stores, and advertisers looking to manage and track retargeting links.

If you need to generate traffic to a product, a form or an application, thif Switchy is the best solution. I recommend you buy it now at our Switchy group buy to own the best tool at the cheapest price. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

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