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What is SourceMogul?

SourceMogul is an online arbitrage tool created to assist Amazon sellers in spotting lucrative opportunities by analyzing more than 80 million products each month from top retailers.

Successful online arbitrage requires identifying the best products for profitable online sales. This process can be time-consuming as high-demand items sell quickly. SourceMogul simplifies this process by comparing products across various retailer websites with Amazon listings, assessing potential profitability. This empowers you to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business faster.

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Key Feature

SourceMogul offers a wide range of tools to support you as you navigate your journey as an Amazon seller.

  1. Unlimited Retailer Searches: Easily explore a vast array of top retailers in the USA and UK to uncover profitable arbitrage opportunities.
  2. Unlimited Wholesale Searches: Effortlessly import your list of products from wholesalers and let SourceMogul identify great deals for you.
  3. Unlimited Category Searches: Search by Amazon category to find profitable deals across multiple retailer websites.
  4. Instant Filters: Various filters allow you to adjust results instantly without needing to redo searches. Have full control over accuracy, profit margins, sales rank, and more.
  5. Product Information: Access in-depth details on products, including historical sales rank, pricing, competitor information, reviews, product dimensions, FBA fee estimates, and more.
  6. HAZMAT & Listing Restrictions: SourceMogul verifies listing restrictions for each product and assists you in requesting permission promptly if necessary.
  7. Bulk Stock Checking: Stay updated on stock status for all identified products and check any product’s status immediately from the product feed.
  8. Reverse Search: Enter an Amazon product and search through various top retailers to find where you can purchase it for a profit.
  9. Discounts & Sales Tax: Factor in gift cards, cashback, discounts, shipping costs, FBA/handling fees, and sales tax in your profit calculations.
  10. Add to Wishlist: Create your personal Wishlist (buy list) to monitor product pricing and stock availability in bulk.
  11. Fast & Accurate Search Results: SourceMogul swiftly scans major retailers using machine learning technology to match their products with those on Amazon.
  12. Chrome Extension Included: Utilize the Chrome extension to gather product information from clearance, wholesale, and niche websites for comparison.

How Does It Work?

SourceMogul simplifies the process of discovering profitable products through a streamlined four-step approach.

  1. Initiate your search: SourceMogul automatically hunts for profitable products based on the supplier or category. Users can also upload their product spreadsheets for analysis against Amazon pricing. The platform’s robust search engine sifts through millions of products to pinpoint lucrative opportunities.

  2. Swiftly assess results: SourceMogul provides user-friendly filters that enable users to identify top products by specifying desired profit margins, ROI, purchase prices, and sales rankings. Users can also factor in coupon codes, shipping fees, VAT status (UK), and more for precise profit calculations. Each product comes with detailed Amazon sales rank and pricing history graphs.

  3. Compile your wish list: Users can save products of interest to a personal wish list, which can be regularly updated to check for current stock availability. This feature also allows for storing items earmarked for regular selling.

  4. Trade and profit: Once products are chosen, users can directly purchase them through provided links. They can choose to have the products delivered to their location or utilize FBA Prep Centers for inspection and forwarding to Amazon. After adding the products to an Amazon listing, users ship them in and await the commencement of sales.

Why Choose SourceMogul?

  • Scan through a vast number of products rapidly to pinpoint lucrative opportunities.
  • Benefit from being one step ahead of competitors by discovering deals before they run out.
  • Gain real-time insights into Amazon sales performance and sales ranking.
  • Enjoy the simplicity of an intuitive and user-friendly interface for effortless sourcing.


Who should Use SourceMogul?

  • Amazon sellers seeking to swiftly and effortlessly discover lucrative deals
  • Individuals aiming to generate a consistent income through online product flipping
  • Beginners in Amazon selling requiring support with product procurement
  • Seasoned Amazon sellers desiring to streamline the process and boost productivity in uncovering profitable products


  • What is Online Arbitrage?
    Online Arbitrage, also known as OA, is the practice of purchasing products from online retailers and reselling them at a higher price elsewhere. It’s a straightforward concept. SourceMogul simplifies this process by rapidly identifying profitable opportunities, giving you an edge to earn more money compared to your competitors.
  • What exactly does SourceMogul do?
    SourceMogul collects product and pricing data through various methods, such as continuous online deal scanning, analyzing uploaded data lists like wholesale lists, or real-time website scanning using our browser extension. Regardless of how the data is sourced, SourceMogul efficiently pinpoints lucrative opportunities based on your unique seller profile.
  • Do I need to be a professional trader?
    Not at all! Our user base is diverse, ranging from beginners and part-time sellers to seasoned Amazon professionals. While you do need an Amazon Professional Seller account to utilize our software, the approval process is straightforward, usually taking less than 24 hours.
  • What additional benefits come with an Amazon Pro Seller Account?
    Although SourceMogul doesn’t require an active Amazon Professional Seller account for basic functionality like searching for pricing and sales data, linking your account through the Settings page provides access to features like checking listing restrictions and HAZMAT status for each product.
  • Is technical expertise necessary for success?
    Absolutely not! SourceMogul prides itself on its user-friendly design, making arbitrage accessible to anyone with basic tech skills, an Amazon Seller Account, and a drive to succeed. If you can interpret a simple graph, you can excel in online arbitrage with SourceMogul.
  • How frequently are new features introduced?
    We regularly roll out updates, averaging around 20 releases per year. These updates may include new features, usability enhancements, or routine maintenance tasks. Updates are automatically applied, requiring no action on your part.
  • In which regions does SourceMogul operate?
    SourceMogul caters to two regions – the US and the UK. Our platform covers numerous top websites in each region, allowing users to conduct unlimited searches. Choose a pricing plan corresponding to your preferred territory for buying and selling – either the US or the UK.
  • Which browsers and devices are recommended?
    SourceMogul is compatible with mobile devices, tablets, and desktops thanks to our responsive and user-friendly interface. While most modern browsers are supported, Google Chrome is required for some live search features.


SourceMogul is the ultimate choice for online arbitrage, with the capability to analyze more than 80 million products each month, guaranteeing that you secure the finest deals ahead of your rivals. Equipped with real-time Amazon sales information and a user-friendly interface, SourceMogul streamlines the process of pinpointing profitable products. This tool is indispensable for maintaining an edge in the competitive realm of Amazon selling.

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