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SOUNDRAW is a composition tool for creators. Create songs that match your content perfectly in minutes and with no composing knowledge required! Follow me to learn about this tool.


SOUNDRAW is an AI music generator that allows all creators to freely customize the length, composition, and instruments of unique, royalty-free music.

  • Create Unlimited Music
  • Save Created Music
  • Unlimited Downloads (Max of 50 tracks per day)
  • Commercial Use
  • YouTube Monetization
  • Videos, Games, Podcasts, For Everything


Why should you use SOUNDRAW?

  • With this tool, you can create custom music based on your specified tempo, instruments, and genre of music.
  • Just choose from a list of themes or moods and SOUN DRAW’s AI will automatically generate 15 original tracks within your chosen musical framework.
  • And since SOUN DRAW gives you royalty-free music, you can add your custom songs to any multimedia creation, from movies and TV ads to YouTube videos, podcasts, and beyond!
  • When you use stock audio in a video, for example, you have to spend a lot of time searching for the right song: a piece that has the right length and that matches the mood and the progression of your video. If your video has a climax at 00:15 but the song happens to be quite at that time, there’s nothing you can do about it. You need to discard the song and keep searching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SOUNDRAW support mobile device?

Yes. Just access the website from your mobile phone and you will be able to use Soundraw.

Can I save the music I created?

In the Music list, click on the ♡ icon of the song you want to save. The song will then appear in the Keep list. You can save up to 30 tracks.

How can I generate music for my video?

You can create music from here. Just select the scene, mood, and genre and click “Create Music”.

Where can I edit the music I created on SOUNDRAW?

On the composition page, you can easily change the structure, the length, and the instruments of a song you created on SOUNDRAW. For details, check the tutorial video.

Can I edit songs I saved, created or downloaded?

Yes. Click the button “Edit this Music” on the right of each song in the Music List / Keep tabs of the composition screen.

How many tracks of music can I create?

The sky is the limit!

Can I change the name of a song?

Yes, but only for saved songs. Click on the pen icon of a song in the Keep list of the composition screen and enter a new name.

What is royalty-free music?

Royalty-free means you have the right to use copyright material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties for each use. When you subscribe to one of our plans, you get a license to use our music without paying any royalties.

Whom does the copyright belong to?

  • All intellectual property rights, such as the copyrights and trademark rights relating to music generated by Soundraw belong to the operating company SOUNDRAW inc.
  • We keep the copyright of the music with the only goal of protecting you from a malicious user who would try to sue you or claim revenue from your content. We will never ask you to share your revenues or bother you with any copyright issues.

Top features of SOUNDRAW

  • Generate unlimited songs
  • Bookmark songs
  • Download up to 50 songs per day
  • Youtube & Social Media
  • Corporate videos
  • Web ads
  • TV & Radio commercials
  • Broadcast programs & Movies
  • Games & Apps

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