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Sorting Social makes print-on-demand and dropshipping a lot easier. Find products that people really want to buy with just one click of your mouse. Continue reading this introduction to learn more about the functions and see if it’s right for you.

What is Sorting Social?

You can use any exact keyword to sort Pinterest pins using Sorting Social. When you enter your favorite term, all the pins that are relevant to it are displayed and sorted according to how frequently they have been repinned. This aids in your comprehension of the actions and concerns of your possible target audience.

  • Sorting Social is the ONLY tool out there that allows you to SORT by repins (Pinterest), shares (Facebook and Instagram), saves (Wanelo), favorites (Etsy), and sales (Wish) giving you access to money-making product ideas that are not available anywhere else
  • As you type a keyword, SortingSocial will automatically suggest other related keywords you can search for giving you even more profitable product
  • Click the star above any of the product ideas the software finds and it will be added to your favorites so you can come back to your favorites at any time
  • The results you get from SortingSocial automatically come sorted by the number of repins, shares, saves, favorites, or sales but you can further sort by date with just a click of your mouse.
  • The Sorting Social app is mobile responsive, so you can use Sorting Social on any device with an internet connection. That means, you can find hot new ideas for your online business anytime… from anywhere.
  • Every search result is broken into even more specific categories (for example, on Facebook you can choose whether you want to see video posts, image posts, or both in your search results)

Sorting Social

Why should you use Social Sorting?

Most people wonder how Social Sorting can show exact repins count on Pinterest after removing the exact repins display function.To show exact repins count , Social Sorting exploits a vulnerability in the Pinterest API. Only social sorting makes this possible.

How To Use Sorting Social?

  • It’s not that difficult. With SortingSocial, using the service is quite simple; even beginners may easily make use of all of the features.
  • Enter your desired term after logging into your account, selecting your favorite social networking or e-commerce platform.
  • After that, SortingSocial will begin processing all the results, which could occasionally take some time because it retrieves a large number of posts from the site. You then receive all the most popular articles and information for your selected keyword. The ones you like can be shared, saved, and used to your advantage. The results can then be sorted by the quantity of saves, comments, etc., and you can use the ones that got the greatest interest.

What does Sorting Social offer?

  • Finding print on demand products and designs that you can dropship will save you countless hours.
  • Save time by staying away from print on demand designs and dropshipping useless goods.
  • Spend less on advertising for unsuccessful designs and items.
  • Put an end to your anxiety over not knowing “what to sell.”
  • Find a successful print on demand design or high-quality dropship product and begin making money in only five minutes from NOW.
  • This is applicable to dropshipping, print-on-demand, eBay, Amazon, and more.

If you want to get the most out of your digital marketing campaigns and also want to keep track of what your target audience really likes then Sorting Social is definitely worth your time and money. So, what are you waiting for, buy now at Sorting Social group buy. I hope that you will find this review helpful. Thanks for reading my Sorting Social review!

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