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You can view millions of ads worldwide thanks to Social Ad Scout, one of the best social advertising spying tools, saving you time and money on guesswork.

What is Social Ad Scout?

Social Ad Scout is a powerful tool that helps you reach out to your target audiences via social media, while testing social ads without any coding knowledge. If you want a leg up over the competition, it’s one of the most commendable tools with impressive results and detailed performance, among other clever features.

  • Detailed search filters
    Search by text, URLs, redirects (ie. “voluum”), demographic information, geographic location, type of ad, performance indicators, when it was seen, the type of device, and more!
  • Exact targeting details
    Until now, you had to “guess” targeting based on who saw the ads. We show you the exact targeting! Example: “50+ year olds in Canada”, even if one 60 year old female saw it.
  • Detailed observations
    We provide extensive breakdowns; including timelines, when and how often an ad was seen, how it ranked, who saw it and how many times, the devices it was seen on, etc.
  • Interact with live ads
    In our search results, we provide you with the actual ad’s screenshot. Clicking through shows a local copy of the ad that you can interact with; including playing any videos!
  • Download landing pages
    No more dead or cloaked pages! We store all the landing pages – including their dependencies like images, videos, scripts and style sheets – in a compressed file to download.
  • Landing page details
    We visit each ad’s destination link using methods to defeat cloakers, log all the redirects, take a screenshot of the final page, permanently save it to download, and provide stats.

Social Ad Scout group buy

Why should you use Social Ad Scout?

  • It gives you, the target audience, details, demographics, and Live Ads analytics with screenshots and interactions.
  • You can access thousands of social ads from 21 different countries including U.S., UK, Canada, Norway, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Brazil, New Zealand, Russia, Austria, and many more.

Who should use for?

For individuals who want to easily establish an effective social media campaign, Social Ad Scout is very helpful. Thousands of adverts from around the world will be visible when you search. You may view Screenshots, Live Ads, detailed information about the Ad, such as timings and impressions, and information about the Landing page using Social AdScout. Sliders and canvas ads are only two of the types of ads that Social AdScout monitors.

Top features of Social Ad Scout

Desktop and mobile ads

Our coverage spans both devices, and we can uniquely identify the same ad running across them to show you the cross-device variations!

Comprehensive ad formats

We cover every ad format; including videos! Our interface is extremely versatile by design to accommodate any new ad format immediately.

Permanent ads archive

We save a permanent copy of all ads and serve them through our own servers. Meaning, even if the original ad is deleted, you can still view it.

Instant, real-time updates

No more waiting for ads to be updated at set intervals! Our interface updates instantly with new ads. You can see ads from “seconds ago”.

Link to actual ads

Want to see the actual ad on the traffic source? We provide the ad’s link to you, allowing you to see up-to-date interactions such as comments!

Residential IP addresses

We visit the destination link using residential and carrier IP addresses, to beat any cloakers and show you the actual running landing pages.

Targeting overviews

You are provided an overview of the country, age, gender, ad type and device targeting based on the results of whatever you searched for.

Favourites and notifications

Like an ad? Save it to your “Favourites” for future reference! You can also receive alerts when ads are viewed with specified keywords.

Extremely fast interface

Our interface was built from scratch for maximum speed. All of your search requests will be processed within just a few milliseconds.

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