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Advertising on Amazon just got easier with Simpliworks. This tool launches winning Amazon Ads campaigns in just 1 click. Follow my introduction to learn more about this tool.

What is Simpliworks?

Grow sales in as little as 14 days without ever touching an ad account. Eliminate keyword research, campaign setup, and daily ad management with the first 1-Click Amazon PPC automation software.

    • 1-Click Campaign Builder
    • Rank Based Optimization
    • Budget Management
  • Variation Management
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Competitor Targeting
  • Brand Defense
  • Negative Targeting
  • End-to-End Management
  • Daily Bid Optimization
  • Daily Keyword Tracking
  • Campaign Reports
  • Supported Budget $75,000 / Portfolio / Month
  • 5 Product Licenses Included
  • Unlimited Variations
  • “Always On” Auction Tracking (Coming Soon)
  • Automatic Dayparting (Coming Soon)
  • Budget Management Portfolio Level
  • Standard Reports + Insight Reports + Market Reports
  • Account Specialist + Data Analyst + Priority Support Queue
  • Sponsored Products + Sponsored Brands + Sponsored Display
  • Stores Up to 5 Connected Stores
  • Listing Management Additional Purchase


Why should you use Simpliworks?

Since its inception, Developers have focused on eliminating work for their users, not just creating tools to make work easier. The Simpliworks platform eliminates the need for keyword research, analytics, campaign creation, and day-to-day management. Users can enjoy a comprehensive end-to-end solution that helps make intuitive decisions and replaces it with data-driven decisions – at scale.

Find new customers from first day

Curated Amazon PPC services to scale your business.

1-Click Campaign Builder

Build agency-level campaigns in minutes.

Leave complicated Amazon advertising software and expensive advertising agencies in the past. Launch profit-proven PPC campaigns with just 1-click.

  • Adaptive campaign structures
  • No experience required

Hands-Free Management

Offload management to Amazon Specialists.

  • Leverage best-in-class Amazon PPC management to grow your business. Rest easy knowing both humans and software are overlooking your performance.

Rank-Based Optimization

Dominate 1st page results and drive organic sales.

Index thousands of keywords and win more 1st page placements. Outsmart your competition and discover the hidden opportunities they are missing.

  • Theme-based keyword targeting
  • Dynamic targeting and bidding

Actioned Insights and Reports

Stay informed on insights, strategy, and execution.

Monitor campaign performance without ever logging into your Amazon advertising account. Get the most important information delivered directly to your inbox.

  • In-app performance dashboard
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly insights

What can Simpliworks do?

  • Simpliworks can deploy one-click Amazon PPC campaigns on the Amazon Ad Console. No past campaign data or experience required!
  • Copy-and-paste product ASIN inputs or unique identifiers into the system to automatically add them.
  • You can use the PPC campaign launcher to run highly effective search advertising campaigns with the click of a button.
  • Forget day-to-day campaign management! Just let the tool dynamically optimize bids, harvest winning keywords, and negate losing keywords.
  • Launching a campaign is a breeze. Simpliworks can generate one-click campaigns in three phases: swarm campaigns, exploration, as well as ongoing campaigns and defense.
  • Using swarm campaigns, the tool can analyze loads of keywords and identify which ones will generate the best results for your campaigns.
  • At the “always-on” exploration phase, you’ll uncover lower-cost, high-opportunity keywords that are hyper-relevant to your product.
  • Take advantage of the ongoing campaigns and defense features to discover high-performing keywords and defend your organic rankings against competitors.
  • The platform can manage and optimize bids for Amazon PPC campaigns to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Specify your advertising budget and automatically allocate ad spend across various campaigns based on performance.
  • You can utilize a variety of keyword lengths and targeting methods to find the optimal advertising mix that will get the most conversions.
  • And if you have multiple Amazon accounts or stores, you’ll be able to manage all campaigns from the same dashboard using your Simpliworks account.

If you are looking for a solution that can handle every job in the Amazon store but can’t find it? You have come to the right place. Simpliworks is very easy to set up. I recommend you buy it now at our Simpliworks group buy to get the best quality tool at the cheapest price. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

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