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SER Verified Lists get your projects featured in the search results in a faster, simpler and more efficient way. It puts your GSA Search Engine Ranker to work for you, boosting your SEO better than ever!

What is SER Verified Lists?

SER Verified Lists is a cloud based solution that can send millions of GSA ser Pre-Verified live targets directly into the GSA search engine ranker boosting your gsa ser and rankings instantly and permanently! This is it the GSA ser verified target system you’ve been waiting for!

  • Unlimited Verified Targets Per Month
  • Over 80% Contextuals
  • Sorted For MOZ® 15+ Page Authority
  • Sorted For MOZ® 15+ Domain Authority
  • Sorted For Below 100 OBL Targets
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker Templates & Addons
  • GSA SER Guide – Get the most out of your GSA SER software with these helpful step-by-step instructions that guide you through the process of optimizing your system.
  • GSA SER Templates – Instantly improve the rankings of your YouTube videos and Facebook Fan Pages with these ready-made, proven templates that deliver instant results!
  • Port Scan Public Proxies – Our powerful servers scan proxies passed by google. It automatically adds new proxies on the fly.
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Why should you use SER Verified Lists?

Now you can finally stop wasting time and money spinning your wheel with over-spamed GSA SER listings that aren’t delivering the results you need. increase your GSA search engine ranking performance and your Skyrocket ranking. This new, groundbreaking GSA SER verified target system changes everything!

What are the benifits of using SER Verified Lists?

  • Pre-Filtered, GSA SER Verified Targets
    Automatically sorting MILLIONS of SER-verified targets to contextual-only targets, high MOZ PA/DA targets, and low-OBL targets. Our system even sorts for GSA Captcha breaker-only support targets.
  • 24-Hour Real-Time Synchronization
    Adding thousands of fresh, high-quality targets each day so you will never run out of targets to post!
  • Removes Dead and Spammed Targets
    Our Cloud-based service filters out poor-quality targets that can actually hurt your rankings so you get ONLY low-OBL, high domain authority targets that will INSTANTLY boost your rankings!
  • Solution for Beast LPM and VPM
    The Best Upgrade for Improving LPM and VPM – Just plug it in, turn it on, and watch as our innovative GSA SER Verified Target System starts to boost GSA SER and improve your SER LPM, VPM, and positive ranking on your campaigns week after week, and month after month!

What you need to build Tier 1 backlinks with GSA Search Engine Ranker?

Quality Content

  • This is the most important part when it comes to Tier 1 GSA SER link building campaigns. You will not be able to make Tier 1 campaigns if you couldn’t provide high-quality content.

A Captcha Solver

  • The most recommended captcha solver for GSA SER is, GSA Captcha Breaker. Using Captcha breaker will bring you a decent amount of results but, if you are targeting sites that contain captchas that are hard to solve, you will have to use an advanced captcha solver such as XEvil or a human-based captcha solving service such as 2captcha to come across captchas that are harder to solve.

Tier 1 GSA SER Verified Lists

  • Choosing a quality site list can be a tough task because it is essential to use high-quality targets that are not spammed to successfully build Tier 1 targets.
  • At SER Verified Lists, they provide verified targets that are specifically scraped and filtered for GSA SER Tier 1 link building. They have a special category that contains verified targets that contain higher MOZ PA DA values and lower OBL values.

Use Quality Proxies

  • Using residential proxies will help your campaigns to have a higher success rate. But you need to keep in mind that it may get you a lower LPM or VPM rate because it will be a quality based campaign over the quantity. Adding general proxies from data centers is also fine. Make sure to mix up proxies from different subnets to make your campaign look more natural.

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GSA SER verified list free? Currently, this tool only supports the paid version, but with the features it brings, it is well worth the money you spend, right? As you have seen, GSA Search Engine Ranker has provided all the necessary features and settings to allow you to create Level 1 backlinks. It is responsible for ensuring that you provide quality content, quality goals, quality proxies, emails, and powerful captcha decoders to create successful campaigns. Hurry to own it now.

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