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Sellzone is the leading marketing application that is designed specifically for Amazon merchants. It is a multifunctional Amazon marketing tool by Semrush which has already been used by approximately 7 million marketers nowadays.

What is Sellzone?

Sellzone is a powerful set of tools for optimizing and managing listing performance and determining the point of sales growth on Amazon. Sellzone includes: visibility, increasing traffic, improving conversions, and getting the most out of your ads.

  • Traffic Insights
    Reverse ASIN tool – Analyze Amazon search performance and external traffic of any product.
  • Keyword Wizard
    Keyword Research tool – Enrich your listings with the right search terms.
  • Listing Quality Check
    Audit tool – Improve your product pages’ visibility, CTR, and sales.
  • Listing Protection
    Monitoring tool – Get instant alerts if something goes wrong.
  • Product Research
    Free Product Research tool – Pick low-competition high-demand products to sell on Amazon.
  • Split Testing
    Free split-testing tool – Even the smallest change can make a difference.
  • PPC Optimizer
    Ad automation tool – Launch and direct the most profitable advertising campaigns.
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Why should you use Sellzone?

Sellzone is known as a user-friendly toolkit for Amazon sellers of various experience. It has a simple, appealing design with light color scheme and an almost intuitive navigation system. Behind this simplistic interface is however a powerful and advanced instrument. Sellzone provides a plethora of data for comparative analysis of Amazon listings as well as important insights to create winning ones.

How does it work?

Below is the complete walkthrough of the PPC Optimizer tool:
Step 1: Connect Your Amazon Seller Account 
Click on the “Connect” button and integrate your Amazon Advertising. During the syncing process, you will see multiple popup tabs that will ask for confirmation – Check them without any confusion.
However, keep in mind while connecting your Amazon seller account, you have given access to the following aspects:
  • The ability to modify one’s advertising campaigns.
  • Access to performance data related to advertising on Amazon.
  • Access to one’s business name on Amazon (read-only).

Step 2: Select SKU and Assign Data

Once you have connected your Amazon Advertising, you must click on the “Get Started” button. After that, you will see a popup with multiple options, and from here, the actual game begins.
  • Select an SKU – You can select one ASIN at a time and assign a starting and an ending date with a specific budget and custom bid.
  • Add Seed Keyword (Optional) – Paste specific keywords into the insert box if you have a list of keywords that you are completely confident about.
  • Add Negative (Optional) – At the same time, if you are confident that some keywords might not perform, you can add them here.
  • Let the AI handle – The tool will automatically sort the best possible keywords and later on test them in different campaigns.

This PPC optimizer tool also offers multiple automatic campaigning options.

  • Auto Campaign: Initially used to gather data from Amazon marketplace to evaluate which intents are the strongest ones and where the majority of the audience is hanging out.
  • Broad Campaign:  Helps in finding the broader niches where your audience is converting and has the potential to perform better than your competitors.
  • Exact Campaign:  The keywords which are giving direct sales or have an exact intent that the customer wants.
  • Product Campaign: We will advertise our product other product listings that are generating traffic but not converting because of less social proofing, bad offer, or any reason.
Time to say goodbye to hours of strategy building.

Who is Sellzone Best For?

Sell zone is an ideal toolkit for sellers, merchants, and marketers who want to find the best-winning products, manage PPC campaigns, scout and audit listings, and boost traffic.

In conclusion, every merchant on Amazon should be trying out Sell zone to see how it can improve conversions and quickly make better product listings on Amazon. What are you waiting for? Buy now at our Sellzone group buy to get the cheapest price ever.

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