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Scriptelo is a Copywriting app made specifically for video creators! The only copywriting tool in the world that allows you to master copywriting and ultimately sell copy.

What is Scriptelo?

Scriptelo Works With Any Video Creation Software. Just create your video-script with this tool, download the text file, and use it in your favorite video editor.


Why should you use Scriptelo?

The other copywriting apps are hard to use and are based on out-dated templates. It is different! All their templates are 100% customized by their A.I. Engine to fit your product! All you have to do is answer a few questions and let their A.I. engine optimize the script for you!

How does it work?

Step 1: Select The Type Of Script

We have scripts specially designed for sales videos, explainer videos, video ads, affiliate offers!

Step 2: Answer A Few SIMPLE Questions

  • Q: What is your product name?
  • A: Scriptelo
  • Q: Who your product address to?
  • A: Online and offline entrepreneurs
  • Q: What your product does?
  • A: Generates high converting video scripts

Step 3: Generate & Download

  • In less than 10 seconds you’ll have your script generated by our A.I Engine.
  • You can tweak and edit anything that you want in our online editor .
  • After that you can DOWNLOAD your brand new high-converting script and use it for your projects. Simple as that!

You Can Use Scriptelo To Create Scripts For Your

Sales Videos

  • The video on this page was made using the Sales Video Script inside this tool. So you can easily make similar scripts using their A.I. Engine!

Video Ads

  • Great copy is what makes you stand out amongst the 5,000 ads that hammer down on your audience every single day!
  • That leaves you with one shot to convince your audience and Scriptelo will help you do that!

Upsell Videos

  • Want to sell an upgrade of your product… or maybe another product?
  • We guarantee our Upsell template script will convert at over 40%!

Affiliate Videos

Do you want to sell affiliate products? Now it will 10x easier to beat you competitors because you will have an unfair advantage… SCRIPTELO!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Cloud-Based software?

  • Yes, It is a cloud based solution. Everything is hosted on our servers, nothing to download or install. You can use this tool from your desktop PC, Apple or even from your smart phone.

Is Scriptelo better than a copywriter?

  • If you have thousands of dollars to invest, then it may be your preference to hire a professional copywriter, and we respect that.
  • But the fact is, not everyone has the money to invest in a copywriter and even with a copywriter, you’re never 100% certain something is going to convert. Scriptelo uses only SUCCESSFUL lines so you already know your material can convert for less than 1% of the cost of a copywriter

More Details:

  • Auto-write 100% unique video sales letter scripts & ad copy
  • No copywriting skills needed – easy to start
  • Cloud Software, nothing to download or install
  • Get up and running within a few minutes by answering simple questions
  • Say goodbye to expensive copywriters and unreliable freelancers
  • Generate scripts for you sales videos, explainer videos, video ads, affiliate offers and so much more using our A.i. engine
  • Create Sales Video Scripts
  • Create Upsell Video Scripts
  • Create YouTube Video Ads Scripts
  • Create FB and IG Video Ad Scripts
  • Create Affiliate Review Video Scripts
  • A.I. Engine
  • 5 Scripts
  • 10 NEW Scripts
  • NEW Scripts Each Month
  • Agency Rights
  • Headline Generator (Bonus)

Ads & VIDEOs without good SCRIPT won’t convert, won’t get you clicks, leads, traffic or any sales! Stop Missing Facebook Ads, Video Marketing, Webinars and More. All of which gives you the chance to never write copy again. And never pay a dime to stuck copywriters who overcharge. Shop now at our Scriptelo group buy to own the best tool at the cheapest price. Thanks for visiting!

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