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Scope it Out is referred to as Scopio. They resemble a fishing net for the skills and tales of the world. Every day, artists share their tales and photographs with the world. Additionally, they are employable for their talents in music, video, art, illustration, and more.

What is Scopio?

Scopio is stock of thousand images which give you an unlimited supply of amazing photos from all over the world.

An incredible website that includes everything you need to run your small business. This package is perfect for anyone that finds the basic package just isn’t quite enough.

  • Download 10 images per month
  • Commercial & Royalty Free Photos
  • Latest Trendy Photos Every Day
  • Photos Distributed In 12+ Categories
  • Diverse Photos From Underrepresented Regions
  • Featured In Entrepreneur, Engadget, TNW & Geek
  • Use Photos Anywhere: Royalty-free content for endless uses to reach millions of brands.
  • New Photos Every Day: You can discover new photos on a daily basis.
  • Images Per Month: Get access to unlimited images
  • Daily Photos: Scopio releases new trendy photos daily for its subscribers.

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Why Choose Scopio?

Scopio’s mission to support and leverage artists worldwide naturally fits the ethos of NFTs. However, democratization has not yet occurred with global artists given the high costs to “get in.” Using solana, and partnering with Magic Eden allows us to break the barriers for millions of artists no matter their location so they can activate their images, causes and stories.

Who should use for?

Scopio is supporting authentic content creation. Their community includes:
  • Teachers
  • Tech Companies
  • Brands
  • Designers
  • Publishers
  • Doctors
  • Dog trainers
  • Architects
  • NFT artists
  • Youtube Creators
  • IT and Web Developers
  • Apps and Services
  • Small Businesses
  • CEO’s
  • Content Creators
  • Hotel and Travel Media Sites

What is NFT art?

  • NFTs are non-fungible digital assets that can be created from a digital file such as a JPG, GIF, or MP3. Examples include music, videos, games, memes, and there’s even been an autographed tweet NFT from the founder of Twitter – but a lot of excitement exists around digital art NFTs and the impact they may have on the future of fine art collecting.
  • They are the only female-owned NFT marketplace and first photography-focused NFT marketplace.
    With the increase in the number of photographs submitted as NFTs, they noticed degrading images of women, or images encouraging violent acts being most valued NFTs today, which is why they see as our duty to shed light on our photographers’ talent and their amazing images and fascinating stories from all around the world.
  • Scopio will be featuring these images in curated collections to serve cause-driven events, highlight important topics and matters, as well as add a nice fun touch to your collection of NFTs! Each collection promotes the artists behind every image, thus opening doors for these creatives to get hired as well. They find it is our job at Scopio to hold on to authenticity and visual language in photography.

Do I need to do constant checks and observations on the images I upload, or is this something that will earn?

Once you register your NFT it will go through a process called “minting,” this image is going to be registered on a platform, like Solana or Ethereum. That record is unique, meaning that it can only be traded from person to person, so after you do your first selling of that image, the buyer can also sell it to someone else, who can sell it again, and so on. As for you, being the original artist/creator of that NFT, you will receive royalties for each transaction of that NFT in the future, which is automatically credited in your crypto wallet (Phantom).

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Scopio gives anyone, anywhere the opportunity to build their dreams and give them access to the world’s most talented artists through the easiest way to license and sell their work. you or hire artists, in less than 3 minutes. It’s great, isn’t it? If you want to experience it at the cheapest price, buy it at our Scope group buy. I hope you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

You will get: Scopio (Shared account)

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