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Sale Samurai is your all-in-one tool to help Etsy thrive. With thousands of users and years of e-commerce experience, Sale Samurai is built by sellers with the data and analytics you need to have a successful Etsy store.

What is Sale Samurai?

Sale Samurai offers Real Time Etsy Search Volume, Competition numbers, and data to make your Etsy Keyword Research and product launch as streamlined as possible. This is great for launching products, figuring out what sells, and what customers are actually looking for on Etsy.

Etsy SEO – Find High Volume, Actionable Keywords Your Competition Can’t See

  • Creating your titles, tags, and optimizing your keywords for new listings is a breeze with Sale Samurai. Discover long tail keywords that shoppers are searching for on Etsy, search volume, and critical information such as price, shipping days, and views per product.

Take Your Research To Etsy – Filter, Analyze, Download

  • Analyzing Etsy search results has never been this easy!
  • With the Sale Samurai Chrome extension, you don’t ever have to leave Etsy to get the stats crucial to your business. Advanced Filters let you see related keywords, competition, search volume and the ability to sort and download all data on the fly in real time!

Learn From Best Sellers

  • Monitor other seller’s listings to discover the best market price points, views per product, shipping days, and likes from real Etsy shoppers. Determine what it takes to stand out!

Market Leading Etsy Long-Tail Keyword Tool

  • Access Real Etsy Search Volume Data with our new AI driven keyword tool. Find high volume keyword suggestions, tags, and long tail keyword grades utilizing the most accurate and robust tool on the market today

Automate Scaling Your Business

  • Scale your business by streamlining the upload process!
  • With our state of the art uploading software, make full use of print providers that integrate directly with Etsy to place your design on hundreds of Print on Demand products that Etsy customers crave!
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Why should you use Sale Samurai?

Your All-in-One Tool for Massive SEO Growth for Etsy. Sale Samurai Etsy gives you the insights and analysis you need to skyrocket your Etsy sales.

What are the benifits of using Sale Samurai?

Etsy Search Volume Tools

  • Sale Samurai provides Etsy search tools to determine search volume, competition data, and more. They do this through 2 specific search tools: Keyword Search, Etsy Chrome Extension
  • These tools allow you to visualize and quickly research what keywords on Etsy are being searched per month, the competition data, the cost per click data, and more through the Sale Samurai software or directly on the Etsy platform.

Etsy Analytics Tool

  • The Etsy Analytic tools by Sale Samurai allows you to keep track of all of your competitiors by looking at their shops, doing a deep dive analysis into their keywords, tags, and titles, all while giving you quick Etsy SEO wins in your own shop.
  • These tools allow you to ensure that your Etsy SEO is always kept up to date so you are never lagging behind your competition.

Etsy Chrome Extension

  • Looking to find new product ideas or keywords to use in your tags and titles for your Etsy products? The Sale Samurai Chrome Extension lets you define your search parameters to find keywords that Etsy shoppers are actually searching for, but with low competition so you can get your products seen!

Etsy Fees Calculator

  • Use this feature from Sale Samurai to determine what you should price your products at that will actually be profitable for your business, but also a good deal for your Etsy shoppers/customers. It will also take into account offsite ad fees depending on the success of your shop.

Who should use Sale Samurai?

This tool is available to anyone who:

  • People who want to track their ad spend, calculate how profitable they can be, plan their future marketing steps, increase profits and more!
  • Chrome extensions are one of the fastest ways for Etsy sellers to quickly determine how much search volume a keyword is getting, how competitive it is, and find related keywords.
  • This tool is perfect for Etsy sellers trying to optimize their products for maximum visibility or looking for new product ideas in their niche.
  • Those who want to make sure they’re keeping up with the competition, know what keywords are being used in search, and get products to the right audience, and keep up with the Etsy market.
  • People who want to make sure their products are using the keywords Etsy shoppers are searching for each month, people who want to expose their products to a wider audience, or who want to optimize their listings first It’s with more tag and title updates.

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Is Sale Samurai free? This tool offers a 3-day trial version for those who want to experiment. However, it will be limited to some premium features. If you want to experience more advanced features without spending too much, you can try our Sale Samurai free trial for the best experience. Get Sale Samurai cost with only $1 now!

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