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Postifluence is new SAAS, Forces The Top Influencers In Any Niche To Send Traffic To Any Offer You Want. Drive Traffic To Your Offers Or To Your Clients’ Without Paying For It. Get Access To The Postifluence Marketplace & Trade In Guest, Posts & SEO Services Everyday.

What is Postifluence?

Postifluence is the herald for a new generation of SEO. It’s not about blasting your links on blog comments, sidebars and building gigantic, over-complex PBNs anymore. With this tool, realistic and organic traffic growth is finally within the reach of every marketer.

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Why should you use Postifluence?

  • There is a trend away from ads and back to organic after the recent FB update.
  • This is 100% organic SEO. No fluff, no magic. It works cause it’s authentic.
  • All new marketplace helps your customers get sales regularly.
  • Fully automated reachout system. Marketers love hands-free.
  • Collects publisher phone numbers and sends SMSs. No one’s done it yet.
  • Delivers high-ranking guest post opportunities. Only the real blogs.
  • Works for any niche. Realtime discovery brings the most recent data.
  • Continuously updating dataset. Keeps marketing fresh and effective.

How does it work?

Set Up Once & Forget Forever SEO With this tool:

  • Step 1: Set it Up!
    Pick your niche and the sites you want to target.
  • Step 2: Turn it on!
    Switch on the campaign and let the messages go out.
  • Step 3: Get The Ranking
    Watch the link opportunities fill your inbox.

Postifluence Upsells:

  • Find guest post opportunities on real, high-ranking and popular blogs andsites.
  • 100% organic and effective. You only get sites that Google already loves. No obsoletePBN links.
  • Gives you full ranking data about the site including Alexa ranking, traffic estimates, and more.
  • Automated contact system sends out your reach-out campaign through email and SMS 100% handsfree.
  • Supports email account integration from high-delivery ESPs Gmail & Outlook. Also supports SMTP
  • Readymade campaign email templates has you reaching bloggers on day #1.
  • Works for every single niche. Ecom, pets, fashion, electronics, services, dating. You pick it, you grow it.
  • Gets you only the sites that can actually publish your content. No more wasting your time.
  • Digs out real and accurate contact information of blog owner including name, email & phone number.
  • Customized {snippets} functionality lets you tailor-make each outreach.
  • Detailed analytics, sales reporting, and progress tracking for members & students.
  • UNLIMITED Search Campaigns
  • UNLIMITED Email campaigns
  • UNLIMITED SMS Campaigns
  • UNLIMITED Marketplace Searches
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • Sell on the Marketplace
  • Special Bonus App
  • Powerful Social media training to help you get traffic from Facebook
  • Readymade Sales Page
  • Get 5 readymade email templates
  • #1 Done-For-You Sales Page For Your Sales
  • #2 Agency Management Console In Your Membership
  • #3 Outsourcer License
  • #4 Done For You Setup!
  • #5 Local Selling Training
  • Feed in some keywords and find powerful content for any niche in seconds
  • Get the full variety of content including text, images, gifs videos, articles, and your own custom content
  • Maximize your engagement by capitalizing on trending posts and topics
  • Automated notifications inform you when you need to post new content.
  • Find content from high-authority & non-spammy sources for maximum organic reach
  • One-click scheduling lets you schedule content worth weeks in a matter of minutes. No need to work too hard
  • Automate content marketing for all your Facebook pages from one place.
  • Complete membership system to create free or paid memberships.
  • Insightful sales and leads analytics to help you always keep track of your business.
  • Install anywhere including shared hosting, VPS, Servers, Google Cloud, etc.
  • Page cloner lets you duplicate any page or funnel online in one-click
  • Integration for SMTPs like Sendgrid, Mailgun,, SMTP2Go etc for your email marketing.
  • Integrations for Live chat, Facebook Messenger, Bots, Supportdesk, Conversion proof etc.
  • Increased protection from ‘funnel-hackers’
  • Over a dozen readymade funnel templates that you can modify instantly.
  • Email automation. Send transactional mails, mail sequences and mail your lists.
  • Create multiple funnels & memberships on one domain or subdomain.
  • SEO Friendly features. On-page optimization, caching for fast delivery & AMP for high-speed mobile performance.
  • Has A/B testing & split testing to help you get more sales.
  • Integration with popular autoresponders like Aweber, Getresponse, MailChimp, MailEngine etc.
  • Integration with Facebook Pixel, Google Pixel, Google analytics, Heat-maps or any other analytics system.
  • Zapier integration to send your data to any CRM or software.
  • Works on Google Appengine to create your funnel on highly reliable Google infrastructure.
  • Import your subscribers instantly into MailEngine Lists without any restrictions.
  • Build your list with MailEngine’s powerful subscription forms.
  • Send an automatic mail follow-up sequence to anyone who subscribes to your list.
  • Send mails using any SMTP, including your server’s CPanel.
  • Support for mail scheduling. Send mails whenever you want them to go.
  • Mail multiple lists and list segments for any campaigns.
  • Mail opens & unopened and even save them to a CSV.
  • Support for email personalization using {name} and other tags.
  • Works from any hosting or server.
  • 100% compliant with mail marketing and PECR laws.
  • Use on multiple domains.
  • Real-time stats show you exactly how your campaigns are doing.
  • Detailed video training shows you how to set up each bit for maximum returns.
  • Subscription records show you how many subscribers you sign up for each day.
  • Error logs warn you whenever something doesn’t work as it should.

You get everything you need to set up amazing campaigns for local or online businesses and charge them for it. I recommend you buy now at our Postifluence group buy to get the best tool and many other great deals waiting for you. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

You will get: Postifluence 1 Year FE (Individual)

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