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What if we could use AI to convert long-form content into hundreds of pieces of short-form multimedia content? Pictory can. Not only can they solve the problem of creating new content, but they also provide a higher level of social engagement through video.

What is Pictory?

Pictory is a cloud-based video creation software that automatically converts long-form text and video content into short videos for social sharing using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The platform offers white-labelling capabilities, which allows users to personalize the videos with custom logos, colours and fonts to establish brand identity.

  • Unlimited text-to-video of up to 20 min
  • 50 hrs video transcription/mo
  • 3 hr video length per upload
  • 16:9, 1:1 or 9:16 on text-to-video
  • 720p or 1080p (HD) video
  • 15,000 music tracks
  • 42 text-to-speech AI voices
  • Automatic voice-over synchronization
  • Branded intro & outro
  • Automatic video highlights
  • Hootsuite integration
  • Bulk download of videos to CSV

Pictory group buy

Why should you use Pictory?

  • Using Pictory’s AI technology, you can scan your lengthy videos and extract the key highlights in just minutes.
  • Manually adjust the AI findings to select which of the shorter clips you want to include in your new videos and customize them with logos, colors, and fonts.
  • Pictory also lets you bulk download the short videos in a CSV file or push them to your Hootsuite dashboard to fill your social content calendar.

Who should use Pictory?

Best for:

  • Youtube creators: Pictory uses AI to help you create videos for your YouTube channel quickly, easily and cost effectively.
  • Bloggers: Pictory’s powerful AI turns your text into engaging videos increasing your blog’s reach and audience
  • Marketers: Pictory’s advanced A.I. takes the pain out of video marketing leaving you more time to concentrate on your campaigns.
  • Course creators: Pictory’s advanced AI helps you create engaging courses quickly and easily all for one low subscription price.
  • Coaches: Pic tory’s advanced AI automatically handles tasks most coaches outsource to virtual assistants. Save time, save money, try Pictory today.
  • Social Media Managers: Pic tory’s ground-breaking AI takes the grunt work out of video production and gives you your day back.
  • Agencies: Pic tory uses AI and its library of over 3 million video clips, images and music tracks to enable you to create stunning original videos to serve clients in any market.
  • Vidnami Users: Pic tory uses AI to offer everything in Vidnami PLUS a whole lot more all for one low subscription price!

What are features of Pictory?

Script To Video

  • Save Time, create videos in just minutes
  • Simple To Use, powerful A.I. does the work for you
  • Professional Quality, over 3 million video clips
  • Crystal Clear Narration, own voice or A.I
  • Works With Any Computer, runs in the cloud

Blog Post To Video

  • Increase Engagement, turn blog posts into videos
  • Fast And Easy To Use, AI does the work for you
  • Stunning Quality, over 3 million video clips and images plus 15k music tracks
  • Add Speech, your own voice or realistic A.I. voices
  • Works On Any Computer, cloud-based

Edit Videos Using Text

  • Simple To Use, edit videos using text
  • Fast, even long videos take just minutes
  • Pro Results, removes filler words & silences
  • Grow Your Audience, automatically add captions
  • Build Your Brand, add your own custom branding

Create Video Highlight

  • Share Highlights, creates short highlight videos
  • Boost Engagement, short clips engage viewers
  • Skyrocket Webinar Attendance, trailer videos increase bookings and show-up rates
  • Increase Sales, sneak peeks increase conversions
  • Publish To Socials, perfect for all social sites

Auto Caption Videos

  • Extend your reach, captions attract more viewers
  • Increase Accessibility, create inclusive content
  • Boost SEO And Rankings, Google & YouTube
  • Save Time And Money, no more outsourcing
  • Incredible Accuracy, ensures maximum clarity

Auto Transcribe Videos

  • Repurpose Videos, extract text
  • No Need To Take Notes, text record of webinars
  • Perfect For Zoom Calls, transcribe in minutes
  • Add Value, provide call transcript to your clients
  • Remove Filler Words, no more ‘ums’ and ‘errs’

Auto Summarize Long Videos

  • Grab Attention, A.I. summarises your key points
  • Boost Engagement, short clips engage viewers
  • Repurpose Content, turn long content into short
  • Auto Captions, reach viewers at work
  • PC & Mac, runs in the cloud on any computer

What are you waiting for? Buy now at Pictory group buy to receive unprecedented low prices. Thank you for reading my Pictory review. I hope you will find it useful!

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