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MyWebAudit is an auditing tool that helps your agency close more deals. Build trust faster and close more-and bigger-deals with beautiful, actionable, easy-to-understand website verification.

What is MyWebAudit?

MywebAudit is built to help customers grow their businesses. Exploring testing features is the basic principle for creating the best website tests and growing your business. The audit report of this tool can be used to end anyone’s business in the way.


  • Close more deals with audits that build trust, deliver high value, and set you up as the expert.


  • Generate more leads faster with beautiful, actionable website audits.


  • Impress event attendees with beautiful, personalized, high-value audits.


  • Sell more retainers, care plans and service packages.


Why should you use MyWebAudit?

Creating site tests that business owners understand and appreciate has always been a tedious, time-consuming process and full of pain and frustration.” With MyWebAudit comes more value. Hundreds of web professionals use My Web Audit to build trust, add value, establish their expertise, and stand out from the competition.

How is MyWebAudit different?

We help you close more deals. Here are just a few reasons why we’re different.

Beautiful and actionable

  • Build no-fluff audit reports in minutes with lots of beautiful layout options. Designed to impress—while still being functional and intuitive.

Measure what matters

  • Businesses care about revenue and ROI. We evaluate dozens of points and present them in terms anyone can understand.

Doubles as a lead magnet

  • Embed a free audit tool on your site. This high-value tool gets 4 times more leads than a general PDF lead magnet.

Crafted to convert

  • Audit recommendations appear in easy-to-understand terms that are perfect for connecting with leads, delivering value and smoothing the sales process.

Personalized for you

  • From email messages to CTAs, from logos to countdown timers—we’ve thought of it all. Just a few clicks and MWA is truly yours.

Reviews sites in a snap

  • Our easy-to-use browser extension helps you audit a site and its competitors—using both manual and automatic checks—in less than 5 minutes.

Ready for your sales process

  • MWA includes testimonials to build trust, countdown timers to motivate leads, and tested CTAs to inspire them to buy.

Monitors client activity

  • Get notifications and alerts when sales emails are opened and audits are read—and follow up faster with hot leads.

Zapier integration & workflows

  • Connect the apps you use in your lead generation and sales process with My Web Audit so you can automate your workflows.

What are benifits of using MyWebAudit?

Win more deals faster, with less work

Collect done-for-you audit points that identify the major design, SEO, security, and performance issues that cost businesses money. Send to cold clients or use in your sales calls, then automatically follow up using our built-in email automation features.

  • Easy-to-read result scores show website health.
  • Full audit results display at the click of a button.
  • “Top priorities” acts as an instant to-do list.

Save hours on audits & sales prep work

Stop spending hours analyzing websites before your initial sales call. Forget about pulling in results from multiple tools and then massaging the data. And skip the search for a designer to make it all look good. Take just five minutes—and get better results.

  • Browser extension helps you analyze a site in 5 minutes.
  • One click details 40 critical website factors.
  • Answers “what,” “why,” and “what next” for each audit point.

Deliver value and stand out from the competition

Present beautiful, professional reports that impress prospects and demonstrate value to price-shoppers. Cut through the competitive noise with a pitch that’s about more than “just” a pretty website—and make it a no-brainer to hire you.

  • Looks great on desktop, phone, and tablet.
  • Results can be exported as PDF for easy emailing.
  • Easy to customize for your website and brand.

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MyWebAudit will change the game for you. I recommend it. This tool is an invaluable part of their reseller toolbox. Before there was a tool like MyWebAudit, you used to avoid even recommend testing. Now you can complete them efficiently, accurately, and easily present the results in a way that customers can understand. What are you waiting for, buy it now at our MyWebAudit group buy. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for visiting!

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