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MerchNinja is the ultimate research tool for MBAs. Ninja research workflow for all markets, built-in keyword tool. Built-in trademark engine helps you become a ninja and beat your competition!

What is MerchNinja?

MerchNinja is an Amazon Merch niche research tool that helps you find evergreen & trending niches through a series of easy to use tools in the product

  • Full Research Functions (DE, UK, COM)
  • TOP BSR | Avg Sales | Winner / Looser of the Day | New / Designs
  • Full filter functions
  • Detail view for 5M+ designs
  • Brand, Title, Bullets, Price, BSR, Reviews, Date listed, Categories & BSR + Price History 7/30/All Days / Top Keywords
  • Event calendar with 900+ events
  • For all marketplaces into Fun, Sports, Occasions & Special
  • More than 400+ categories collected by the Ninja Team
  • Manage Favorites
  • Add, change, delete, csv export feature with image preview
  • Top Brand List


Why should you use MerchNinja?

You should use MerchNinja because it’s faster with Ninja Live Search! Over 2 million designs with daily updated data! Precise trending and sales figures (via ninja’s secret quantum physics BSR algorithm calculation). List with 180 subcategories (outfits, fun shirts, etc.) Ninja filter function – Amazon Underground Merchandise Search for Top BSR, Top Sales, AVG BSR , Official Brand, Removed Styles, New Styles and many more!

What are the benefits of using MerchNinja?

Easy to use Research

  • Boring and slowly research was yesterday! Now you are moving fast & deadly with the Ninja flow! Whether you’re a Tier10 beginner or Tier10k killer, the Ninja supports everything you need as a seller – faster & more accurately than ever.

Killer Keyword Tool

  • Nobody finds a ninja, he finds you! He also discovers the search terms of the Amazon Topsellers in your niche! Merch Ninja indicates you search volume, precisely analyzes supply & demand to suggest your next attack target.

All Safe Trademark Tool

  • Merch Ninja protects you & your account! Be safe while creating your listing. The Ninja carefully checks all official institutions (WIPO, EUIPO, DPMA, USPTO, IPO) for all marketplaces (DE, UK, US).

Favorite Lists

  • Manage your favorites lists easily. Merch Ninja Includes a CSV export function to share with your designers or virtual assistant.

Secure Data Processing

  • All your data will be processed in accordance with current law and with all relevant security measures.

Design Tracker

  • Add and track easy new Amazon designs in your Merch Ninja account. Track the sales of your competitors as well as their sales history and keep an eye on possible trends.


  • Scroll quickly and easily through tens of thousands of designs. Find your keywords in seconds.

Mobile Ready

  • Use the basic research functions of Merch Ninja also on your mobile devices such as Tablet or Smartphone.

Extra features of MerchNinja


  • Always stay up to date! With the “Daily BSR Change View”. (Shows whether the BSR has changed positively or negatively in contrast to the last day)
  • Focus on your competition! Detailed view with brand, title, bulletpoints, BSR, reviews, first date listed, keywords used in existing listings, price + BSR history of the last 7, 30 or total number of days since online
  • Integrated event calendar with 900+ events (growing on a daily basis)
  • Integrated niche list with over 400+ niches (for the uncreative among you)
  • All 3 marketplaces DE, UK, COM (what else?)


  • Find the best Amazon TOP Seller keywords for your search term
  • All results of Amazon’s autocompletion
  • Shows estimated Amazon search volume & keyword relevance
  • Analyze your niche and check out the competition
  • Shows the number of currently listed designs for your analyzed keyword
  • Clearly displays the results in a chart
  • As always – For all 3 marketplaces (DE, UK, COM)


  • Always be safe! Check whole listings or single keywords with the Ninja Trademark Check
  • Check all 5 relevant Trademark Institutions (WIPO, EUIPO, USPTO, DPMA, IPO) for all marketplaces (US, UK, D)
  • Easy to use, copy and paste your listing into the TM check and select your keywords quick and easy.
  • Detects entire phrases, word combinations and common special characters for your selected search terms
  • Checks registered word marks of Nice class 25 -> no unnecessary results
  • Use the “Trademark Watch” to monitor relevant keywords and to be notified by e-mail about incoming registrations!

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With 3 markets (DE, UK, US), 5 million different designs along with 9 related TM organizations (WO, EU, DE, US, IT, ES, FR…). MerchNinja deserves to be the best Amazon keyword research tool. I am sure it has everything you are looking for. Buy it and experience it at our MerchNinja group buy. You will always get the best price. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for visiting!

You will get: MerchNinja (Shared account)

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