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Melodie was founded by a family of composers, musicians and sound designers. Their plan was to create a simple, intuitive music licensing platform that would please creators as well content in the world while supporting music creators.

What is Melodie?

They provide a platform that allows content creators to get great music, increase revenue and opportunities for artists. They believe that only a seamless connection between content creators and artists can deliver great music, and they can make this happen through their platform. Users can also browse unlimited songs and download them from their platform.

  • Unlimited access to 20,000+ tracks, stems & alternates, updated weekly
  • All social & online platforms, games, digital ads, podcasts & live streaming
  • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, DMCA copyright protected
  • Broadcast ads, television, VOD, radio & in-theatre/cinema
  • Content is safe worldwide & forever, even if you cancel
  • AI-powered ‘reverse-audio’ search tools
  • Covers your own content
  • Covers work produced for clients
  • Up to 5 team members


Melodie group buy

Why should you use Melodie?

Melodie has been making great music for your favorite TV shows and movies for almost five years now. Melodie comes from a deep desire to streamline the music licensing process with better music, original content, intuitive search, and simplified licensing terms.

Who should use Melodie?

Melodie is for content creators looking for unlimited access to great YouTube music, social media platforms, podcasts, live streaming, games, and digital advertising. They help advertisers create better content by providing easy access to great music.

What can Melodie do for you?

  • Their diverse catalog features over 18,000 songs, originals and alternative versions by award-winning composers and independent artists. Trusted by National Geographic, Fox Sports and ITV. Heard in works like Ninja Warrior, Love Island and The Amazing Race. Plus, the catalog is updated weekly.
  • Searching is easy with Melodie’s intuitive AI-powered interface. It has ‘reverse audio’ search tools (like Google reverse image search), search exclusions, find similar functions, hotkeys and multiple menus including Genre, Mood, Tools, etc. Tools, Purpose, BPM and Keys.
  • Best of all, they have an exclusive catalog and don’t restrict or monetize digital channels: that means you’ll avoid piracy strikes, mutes, takedowns and ad cancellations on YouTube and other social and digital platforms.
  • Boost your creativity, avoid copyright headaches, and find better music faster with Melodie.
  • You can easily turn the instruments on or off in each track to make the track PERFECT for your case.
  • Unique sound
  • Types of collections
  • Ability to save as favorites
  • Good user interface
  • Search by similarities. You can provide a link to the YouTube videos and it will output the same songs in the archive. You can also upload music and it will work the same way.
  • Unlimited downloads, safe copyright worldwide & forever. Even if you cancel.
  • Smart, flexible search engine with AI-powered ‘backward audio’ search.
  • The Creative Platform can provide users with unlimited access to the best, impactful music for content with unlimited downloads and simple licensing that includes anything, anywhere , forever.
  • API users have full access to alternate versions and roots. A feature loved by editors looking for that extra flexibility.
  • Easy developer integration and fully customizable using multiple music search options like genre, mood, instrument, tempo, key and more.

Will Melodie be removed due to copyright?

Melodie boasts an oddly curated and owned music catalog. In an increasingly complex digital licensing landscape, whether user content is for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, live streaming, podcasts, broadcasts, or anything else, music is sourced by Melodie API is 100% protected from third-party monetization efforts, copyright notices and takedowns.

In conclusion, They took a restrictive, complex music licensing model and made it simple. Give content creators easy access to great music, while increasing opportunities and revenue for artists. Their purpose is to connect and inspire Melodie’s artists, creators and employees – growing a benevolent, diverse and sustainable business. Melodie review introduction here ends. I hope that the information I provide will help you decide to buy it right away. Thanks for reading!

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