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Join the Video Revolution and create outstanding social videos in minutes with the power of Magisto‘s smart video editor. Be a superhero in the video. It offers Millions of new high-quality image and video options, perfect for all your marketing and social media needs.

What is Magisto?

Magisto Video Editor is an application that creates artistic movies from your images and videos, along with special effects Magisto Video Editor will be a great assistant to help you express your creativity, convey sentences. You don’t have to be an expert in video editing or have knowledge of video editing to use this application.

  • Includes 3+ million full-HD pro stock video clips and 25 million photos
  • Make videos up to 10 min
  • HD downloads
  • Customize brand colors & fonts
  • Easily export to Facebook Ads Manager
  • Email marketing tools
  • Embed videos on any website
  • Video analytics
  • Online Video Maker
  • Fitness Video Maker
  • Birthday Video Maker
  • Wedding Video Maker
  • Cooking Video Maker
  • Instagram Video Maker
  • Slideshow Video Maker
  • Social Video Maker
  • Promo Video Maker
  • Android Video Editor
  • Video Maker for iPhone
  • Video Maker for Shopify
  • Vimeo Create
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Why should you use Magisto?

Magisto owns a lot of special features that not all video creation tools have. It will help you to perfect the video automatically without you having to have too much knowledge about editing. Various and artistic effects and unique music will make your videos much more special.

Who should use Magisto?

Magisto is a video management solution designed to help marketing professionals, agencies, and businesses of all sizes use inbuilt photos and videos, soundtracks, and editing styles to create and share videos across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms. Developers can include custom branded colors, text, and fonts, as well as personalized logo in the videos. It also lets teams embed videos across websites and gain insights into analytics on a unified interface.

What are the benifits of using Magisto?

Grow awareness with cross-channel brand videos

  • In order to effectively grow brand awareness with video marketing, businesses need a cross-channel brand video strategy.
  • Magisto video A.I. powered video editing makes it easy to optimize brand videos by audience and channel.
  • Reach more customers with frequently-refreshed and authentic video content.

Generate engagement and leads with authentic video content

  • Getting a prospective customer to share information is a value exchange that requires genuine trust and relationship building. Video storytelling allows you to extend a personal invitation to prospects.
  • Share powerful video content marketing to educate potential customers by showing instead of telling them with a series of business videos.
  • Magisto A.I. powered marketing amplifies your ability to create, test and optimize content marketing videos at scale. Get more leads with video content.

Increase revenue with sales videos

  • Close your sales with an emotionally convincing and persuasive video storytelling. Authentic sales videos give you a chance to illustrates the value of the product or service you are selling with unmatched emotional punch and richness.
  • Use customized sales videos to cater to your customers specific questions wherever they are in the sales funnel. Increase closing rates and convert more business with cross channel sales videos.

Some people may find that Magisto is not yet an excellent video making software, but it is certainly a great video marketing platform, with the advantages of ease of use and extremely effective features certified by YouTube. Magisto uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help users create marketing videos from a blank canvas and using pre-built templates. I recommend you buy now at our Magisto group buy to get the best tool and many other great deals waiting for you. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

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