LOVO Unlimited Group Buy

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Get human-like text-to-speech capabilities with 180+ voices in 34 languages

What is LOVO?

  • It is a next-generation synthetic speech platform with natural-sounding AI voiceover and text-to-speech for e-learning, marketing, and entertainment

Why Should You Give This A Try

  • When you’re making video content that will be viewed all over the world, you need different voiceover options when it comes to languages and accents.
  • LOVO makes it easy to find the perfect voice for your video content with 180+ voice options in 34 languages with full commercial rights at your fingertips.
  • After all, the wrong voice can be jarring to your audience. (Like hearing Hugh Laurie’s actual British accent after years of binging House.)
  • Whether you’re launching video content in another country or trying to localize an online course, you can choose from a wide range of voices to match your needs.

More Details:

  • Unlimited conversion, listening, and sharing
  • Premium voice skins—access to all 180+, plus all newly released voice skins
  • All 34 languages, plus all newly released languages
  • Add BGM
  • Commercial rights
  • Monetized YouTube
  • Unlimited downloads per month

You will get: Product (Shared)