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Ladipage platform for advertising and media marketing activities. Help realize marketing goals and maximize conversions. No programming required, Free hosting, Data security.

What is LadiPage?

In e-commerce, LadiPage is used most effectively with service industries (training, beauty spa, real estate, travel, finance, events…) or a specific product ( toys, accessories, cosmetics, household appliances, sports…). In addition to sales purposes, Landing Page is also used for many other purposes in advertising and marketing such as promotional pages, gift giving, ebooks, events, marketing funnels.

  • Unlimited number of Landing Pages
  • Unlimited pointing domains
  • Unlimited storage (hosting) and access
  • Unlimited conversion design features
  • 500+ premium templates, 100+ Showcases templates
  • 100+ apps and integrations: Countdown, Notify, Gallery, Gmail, Google Sheet, API, CRM, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Ads…
  • Google Fonts, Upload custom fonts
  • Responsive design option, Mobile Only
  • 100 SEO points, Google Speed ​​(100), LazyLoad speed up access (1-2s)
  • Publish to Private Hosting, WP, Shopify, Haravan, Sapo, iTop…
  • Design Banner Ads, Create shortened links, Livechat
  • Customize HTML, Javascript, CSS code
  • Download the HTML source code, file .ladning page
  • Decentralization according to Landing Page
  • Save and restore edit history
  • Advanced Form: Auto Complete, Auto Capture, Auto Funnel
  • LadiPage Dynamic Content, A/B Testing, Split URL Testing
  • LadiPage Funnel, LadiPage Analytics
  • Global CDN, Global Tracking
  • Adaptive Design (Desktop and Mobile stand-alone)
  • Tool to remove image background (Remove Background)
  • Google Recaptcha Enterprise
  • Manage dynamic data with LadiPage Dataset
  • LadiPage Advanced Video
  • Multiple Products, AddToCart (coming soon)



Why should you use Ladipage?

Flexible customization according to your marketing goals. Integrate 100+ premium applications to optimize the effectiveness of the landing page. Now, your marketing activities will be deployed faster and more effectively than ever before.

Why is LadiPage the #1 popular platform in Vietnam?

No programming required

Turn jobs that once needed a team of programmers to only need 1 person to perform. Using drag and drop is as simple as using Microsoft Office.

High speed transmission

There are more than 300 datacenters globally, 7 datacenters in Vietnam help the page access speed under 1 second. Powerful and stable server with premium partners from Amazon Web Services, Cloudflare, Google Cloud, VNG.

Cross-platform connection

Easily connect data with measurement tools (Facebook, Google Analytics, TikTok,…) and the network of software partners of LadiPage in a simple and convenient way.

Data security

All data from LadiPage is transferred directly to your hosting platform via Bypass Transfer and is protected by international DMCA policy. Meet the rigorous standards of large corporations.

Professional support team

For the past 5 years, the support team has been our pride as we are always ready to listen to the problems our customers face and offer the best support.

Who should use Ladipage?

  • Enterprise: Simple and only requires 1 staff to help shorten the running of digital marketing campaigns, no programming required
  • Shop owner: Easy to use by anyone because there are a lot of good converting templates available to help increase sales advertising efficiency.
  • Freelancer/ Consultant: Get your personal brand in front of potential customers looking for outsourced services
  • Agency: Bringing cost and time optimization landing page/web landing page building services to your customers
  • Affiliate: Build affiliate product and service aggregator page quickly, add and edit easily in 5 minutes
  • Advertisers: Quickly deploy landing pages to run A/B testing campaigns, run multi-channel conversion goals

5 steps to design a landing page

  • Step 1: Identify desired conversion goals and KPIs to achieve
  • Step 2: Build content to persuade customers to take targeted action
  • Step 3: Design the Landing Page interface with the content in step 2
  • Step 4: Run some tests to choose the best one and maintain
  • Step 5: Measure metrics and generate reports

LadiPage’s set of 9 conversion maximizers will make customers trust your brand from the first time they visit your landing page. E-commerce sales growth. By bringing customers from anywhere to the order landing page, you will shorten the consultation process, optimize operating costs to focus on growing omni-channel sales. There is nothing better than owning a great tool at the cheapest price. Buy now at our Ladipage group buy. Thanks for visiting!

You will get: Ladipage (Individual account)