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What is JetBackup WP?

Experiencing a complete loss of data on your website due to technical issues or a cyber attack is a situation website owners dread. That’s why it’s essential to create backups of your website regularly. Enter JetBackup WP – a trusted backup plugin designed specifically for WordPress sites.

JetBackup WP is the top choice for WordPress users seeking reliable backup solutions. It provides a simple way to restore, transfer, and generate backups for your WordPress website. This plugin lets you decide whether to backup and recover your WordPress files, database, or both.


FE – JetBackup WP Pro Annual – $99.95/year

  • Websites Included Up to 30
  • Website Backup & Restore
  • Website Migration
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Backup Download & Import
  • Remote Destinations(SFTP/FTP, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, pCloud)
  • Custom S3 Cloud Destination
  • Set Backup Retention Limit
  • Email Notifications
  • Delete local copy after upload
  • 24 / 7 Premium Support

JetBackup WP Features:

Advanced Scheduling


  • Every Frequency: Schedule backups every: Hour, Day, Week, Month & Year
  • Unlimited Schedules: Create multiple backup schedules all connected to the same site

Cloud Destinations


  • Multiple Cloud Destinations: Supported cloud destinations include: Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, One Drive,, & pCloud
  • Custom S3 Destination: Use your own custom S3 destination on the JetBackup WP Pro version

Customized Backups


  • Backup What You Need: You can backup any combination of databases and files you want
  • Granular Database Option: Select the specific databases that you want backed up

Smart Migration

  • Difference Detection: Migrate to a different domain or directory structure even on a different server with ease!
  • Migrate via Cloud: Store your migration backup on the cloud to speed up the process

Feature Settings

  • Set Retention Limit: Choose the number of backups you want saved before overwriting older backups
  • Set Up Exclusions: Exclude specific paths and tables from your backups

Reliable Restores

  • Restore with Confidence: Restoring your website is quick and easy with JetBackup WP
  • Multiple Restore Options: Restore your whole site or choose just files OR your database


  • Fast and reliable manual backups and restores.
  • Offers full backup and partial backup options.
  • Provides the option to extract backups.
  •  No Credit Card Required. Install JetBackup in Minutes.


  • Lacks the feature to download or copy files and folders for a true backup.

How Does It Work? 

Who Should Use JetBackup WP?

  • Users on a budget looking for a backup plugin that works well.
  • Those with servers having sufficient available disk space, RAM, and CPU.
  • Users who need essential files to restore their websites.
  • Individuals managing personal WordPress websites
  • Small businesses with WordPress-based online presence
  • Freelancers and web developers working on WordPress projects
  • Website owners seeking a reliable backup solution for their WordPress sites


JetBackup WP presents an all-encompassing and user-friendly backup option tailored for WordPress websites. It includes advanced scheduling, various cloud storage options, personalized backups, and trustworthy restoration features. This plugin grants users the freedom to efficiently oversee their backups, guaranteeing data protection and smooth migration processes.

Website owners aiming to protect their content should consider JetBackup WP as a vital asset. Secure your website’s future by acquiring JetBackup WP through Imnuke now, offering a one-time purchase with an early-bird discount!

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