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Instoried is a young startup whose goal is to drive engagement with content to get more clicks. Higher engagement leads to higher ROI and big return on marketing spend.

What is Instoried?

This tool is an augmented writing platform which improves customer interest and engagement. The platform helps content writers in e-commerce, news, FMCG and other verticals to optimise emotions in their marketing content.

  • AI Analysis – Instoried web app allows you to write or upload a document with instant AI Analysis on your content.
  • Headline Analysis – Measure the impact, relevance, and tonality of your headlines. Attract users by creating an apt Headline for your content based on the Smart Headline Suggestions.
  • Corrections – Impress people with Spelling and Grammar error-free content.
  • Tonal Analysis – Measure and optimize the overall tone of your content. Create content that is the perfect tone of Positive, Negative, or Neutral.
  • Emotion Analysis – Measure and optimize the core emotions of your content. Optimize it with Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness, Surprise, Anticipation, and more.
  • Plagiarism Checker – State-of-the-art Plagiarism checker to optimize your content for SEO. Make your content Personal, SEO friendly, and Plagiarism.
  • Panel Testing – Get feedback from your team or content stakeholders in one place.


Why should you use Instoried?

Enhance your Content Writing Experience with this tool. Analyze the tones and emotions present in your text. Get recommendations for adding empathy to your content. By using this tool, the client saw a 3x increase in leads per post and a 2x ROI in less than 6 months. They use NLP to work wonders with data that helps determine the emotion and tone of marketing content, regardless of the size of the content.

What can Instoried do for you?

  • Emotionally Target your Customers
    Invoke the right set of emotions in your customers by optimising the required emotions in your content and making it more impactful.
  • Boost Customer Engagement
    Customers engage with your brand when you trigger the right emotions in them. Our tool’s recommendations enhance your customer engagement.
  • Beautify your Content and Save Time
    Our disruptive AI technology helps you augment your writing standards in real-time by giving you real-time word and phrase level recommendations.

What products does Instoried offer?

Analysis Tool

  • Create stories that matter. Examine and improve your texts with amazing AI assistance.
  • User-friendly Dashboard. The Panel Analysis Dashboard is interactive and gives you a better understanding on the reviews from the experts you choose.

Generation Tool

Make your Content the ‘Talk of the Town!’. Create original and engaging brand descriptions, taglines, blog scripts, ad copies, captions, and much more in just a few clicks. Your Go-To Virtual Assistant to Generate Premium Content! Efficiently create, edit, and bookmark user-specific content with our AI-trained tool. With our Content Generation Tool, you can:

  • Create
    Create SEO-friendly and creative content faster
  • Choose
    Choose suggestions that work for you
  • Personalize
    Rewrite existing content to make it more engaging
  • Boost
    Boost conversions with quality ad-copies

Developer Portal

  • Analyze your content seamlessly. Integrate our API into your system with services you already use.
  • Start using it for your daily content – Experience the ML capabilities of this tool in your system. Analyze all your written content in an effortless and secure environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you analyze your content?

Click on the “Apps” icon on our website and select “Emotional tool”. This will take you to the environment where you can analyze and edit written content.

How can Instoried help you with email content?

Instoried’s tool can be used to assess the right tone that gets you the maximum open rates and click-throughs for your email or content in general. The tool lets you see what state the reader will be on reading the content and lets you optimize on the go.

This tool helps establish your brand’s presence online. Look for creative and high-quality content to help you grow your audience quickly. Work in content creation to deliver projects to clients. Try to increase conversions on their websites. I recommend you buy it now at our Instoried group buy to get the best tool for the cheapest price. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

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