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Link indexing method kept secret for a long time has finally been made public! Instant Link Indexer is so powerful that it can index up to 70% – 80% of all links submitted in minutes! It’s amazing isn’t it? The good news is that now anyone can take advantage of this special method by using their service to index their links like a pro!

What is Instant Link Indexer?

Instant Link Indexer is an automatic backlink indexer tool that is fast and secure. The index is very fast and successful over 80%. This is a backlink index tool completely safe and is google approved, 100% white hat. This is really a powerful tool for indexing your backlinks. The tool can be combined with other tools like GSA, Magic Submitter,…

Here’s exactly what You get with Your account:

  • 100% Automation – Submit Your Links and Forget!
  • Add Unlimited Campaigns and 3000 URLs per Campaign
  • Schedule Links for up to 30 days ahead
  • Guaranteed Indexing to up to 70% – 80%
  • 3rd Party Linkbuilding Services Integration
  • Whitelabel Realtime Progress Reports
  • Whitelabel CSV Progress Reports
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Why should you use Instant Link Indexer?

You will probably say their Method must be some kind of Blackhat and not safe to use, right?? Well, Surprise! All the techniques used in their service are 100% Whitehat following Google guidelines. They are using only techniques that Google not only recommends, but is urging webmasters to be used! Using their service is absolutely safe for Your backlinks and sites! Their service is that safe, that it can be used for indexing the pages of your new sites, not just backlinks.

What exactly can You Index with their service?

  • All Pages of Your own Websites
  • Backlinks of Anykind – From Tier 1 to Tier X
  • Blog Network Links
  • Private Blog Network Links
  • Web 2.0s, Articles, Wikis, Social Bookmarks, Blog Comments, Forum Profiles…

The integrated link building software included?

They have worked together with the developers of some of the most famous and widely used SEO Linkbuilding tools to provide You even easier way to get Your links Indexed! Their Link Indexing service is currently Integrated with the following Link Building programs, so that You only need to insert Your API key in the settings and the programs automatically send Your links to us all the time! For sure there are lots more SEO tools their service is integrated into for Your ease of use!

  • GSA Search Engine Ranker
  • Magic Submitter
  • SEnuke XCr
  • Ultimate Demon
  • No Hands SEO
  • BuildMyTraffic.Net
  • Backlink Monitor
  • AIO Wiki Poster
  • 301 Redirector
  • ZSubmitter
  • Ultimate BookmarkR

What customers say about Instant Link Indexer?

  • Now we’ve taken our service to the next level, providing our customers with brand new websites indexed directly on Google! That has a really big impact on their feedback and satisfaction from our services!
  • For the few extra dollars we pay for the subscription, we now have even more satisfied customers and we’ve seen a roughly 20% increase in orders. since we started using this fast website indexing service!
  • Back in the late 90’s We needed to pray for about 3 months for our websites to get Indexed and now seeing all that gone and getting my websites indexed in mere minutes is a dream come true!

If you want your backlinks to be indexed quickly then trust me this tool is for you. I recommend you buy now at our Instant Link Indexer group buy to get the best tool and many other great deals waiting for you. If you still have questions about this product, you can check out Instant Link Indexer review on other social media platforms. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

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