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What is Happierleads?


Happierleads is the B2B marketing platform that verifies anonymous website visitors and transforms them into customers.

Happierleads provides a comprehensive solution for lead generation from website visitors, consisting of four key components: Reveal, Prospector, Enrichment, and Engage.

Ideal for SMEs looking to identify and engage with anonymous website visitors.


  • 1 Website
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Identify Web Visitors
  • Qualify Your Visitors
  • AI Summary
  • Integrations & Automations
  • Blacklist URLs/Countries
  • Up to 10% Credit Refund
  • Realtime Scraping Contacts
  • Send Email Campaigns
  • Change Storage Location
  • Advanced API Access

Happierleads Feature Included in All Plan:

  • Happierleads Reveal, Engage, Prospector, and Enrich Products
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Integrations and Automations
  • Blacklist URL Pages
  • Blacklist Countries and Companies
  • Choose Storage Region
  • Tracking Pixel Whitelabel
  • AI Session Summary
  • AI Email Personalization
  • Set Limits on Workspaces
  • Advanced API Access
  • Access to 180M+ Contacts and 60M+ Companies (and All Future Added)
  • Resell Workspaces and Credits to Clients
  • CSV Enrichment
  • Enrich via API

How Does It Work?

Happierleads operates as a lead generation and visitor tracking tool, enabling businesses to identify potential leads from their website traffic. To start using Happierleads, businesses need to integrate the tool with their website. This typically involves adding a tracking code to the website’s HTML, allowing Happierleads to monitor visitor activity. The tool is designed to be compatible with various website platforms, ensuring a smooth integration and setup process.


Once integrated, Happierleads begins collecting data on website visitors in real-time. This data includes details such as visit duration, pages viewed, and navigation patterns. The tool uses IP address tracking to identify the companies visiting the website, cross-referencing this data with external databases to provide detailed company profiles. This process helps businesses gain a deeper understanding of their website visitors and potential leads.


Happierleads analyzes visitor behavior to determine the level of interest and engagement. It identifies key metrics such as the number of visits, time spent on specific pages, and actions taken on the site. Based on this behavior analysis, Happierleads assigns scores to visitors, helping businesses prioritize leads that are most likely to convert. This lead scoring system ensures that sales teams can focus their efforts on high-potential prospects.


Users receive real-time alerts and notifications about new and returning visitors, allowing for timely follow-ups and engagement with potential leads. Businesses can customize alert settings to focus on specific visitor activities or target particular types of companies. This feature ensures that important leads are not overlooked and are engaged promptly.


Happierleads integrates with popular CRM systems, enabling seamless data transfer and enrichment of customer profiles. This integration ensures that all lead information is centralized and easily accessible for sales and marketing teams. For more advanced use cases, Happierleads offers API access, allowing businesses to integrate visitor data with other tools and systems.

The platform provides an intuitive dashboard where users can view key metrics, visitor details, and overall trends. Users can generate customizable reports to analyze visitor data and track the performance of their lead generation efforts. By offering detailed insights into website visitor behavior and integrating seamlessly with existing sales and marketing tools, Happierleads helps businesses identify high-potential leads and optimize their outreach effort.


  • Detailed Visitor Insights: Happierleads provides comprehensive data on website visitors, including company information, visit duration, and pages viewed, helping businesses tailor their outreach.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making it accessible for users without extensive technical knowledge.
  • Integration Capabilities: Happierleads integrates with popular CRM and marketing tools, streamlining workflows and enhancing data management.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Users receive real-time notifications about new leads, allowing for prompt follow-up and engagement.
  • Customizable Reports: The tool offers customizable reporting options, enabling businesses to generate insights that align with their specific needs and goals.


  • Dependence on Website Traffic: The effectiveness of Happierleads relies heavily on the volume and quality of website traffic, which might limit its utility for websites with low traffic.

Who Should Use Happierleads?

  • Sales Teams:
    • Lead Generation: Sales teams looking to identify and target potential customers can benefit from the detailed visitor insights provided by Happierleads. The platform helps in recognizing high-potential leads based on their engagement with the website.
    • Personalized Outreach: With data on visitor behavior and company information, sales professionals can tailor their pitches and increase the likelihood of conversion.
  • Marketing Departments:
    • Campaign Optimization: Marketers can use visitor data to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns and understand which content or products are attracting the most attention.
    • Segmentation and Targeting: The tool helps in segmenting the audience based on their website interactions, allowing for more targeted and effective marketing efforts.
  • Business Development Managers:
    • Strategic Insights: Business development managers can gain insights into which companies are interested in their products or services, enabling strategic decision-making and partnership opportunities.
    • Competitive Analysis: Understanding visitor behavior can also provide clues about competitor activities and market trends.
  • CRM Managers:
    • Data Enrichment: Happierleads integrates with CRM systems, enriching the customer data with behavioral insights from website interactions. This leads to more informed customer management and follow-up processes.
  • Startups and SMEs:
    • Growth Acceleration: Small and medium-sized enterprises, especially those in the growth phase, can use Happierleads to identify new business opportunities and accelerate their market penetration.
    • Resource Efficiency: For startups with limited resources, the tool helps in prioritizing leads that show genuine interest, ensuring efficient use of sales and marketing efforts.


  • What makes Happierleads stand out as the top choice for data quality on G2 and Capterra?
    Happierleads secures its leading position by offering a cutting-edge feature that automatically sifts through bots, ISPs, and other irrelevant traffic sources to ensure that you exclusively receive high-quality leads. Furthermore, Happierleads allows you the flexibility to eliminate leads when necessary manually.
  • How does Happierleads differentiate itself from other alternatives?
    With a solid 5-year development background and a customer base exceeding 4,000, our tool presents a mature and extensive set of features, all wrapped in a user-friendly interface. We deliver the same functionalities as premium tools but at a much more affordable price point.
  • What exactly is Happierleads?
    Happierleads stands out as the sole solution that empowers you to identify, assess, and interact with anonymous B2B website visitors—all within a single platform. No extra licenses or integrations with other outreach automation tools are required.
  • Can Happierleads be used in compliance with GDPR regulations?
    Absolutely, Happierleads adheres to all GDPR requirements. It is recommended to mention your usage of Happierleads whenever you disclose your utilization of Google Analytics and similar tools. Despite stricter regulations on email list opt-ins under GDPR, Happierleads remains a reliable method for recognizing visitors to your website. Our data solely relies on publicly accessible information and is securely hosted in your chosen location on AWS infrastructure.


Boosting your sales and lead generation has never been easier with Happierleads Pro. By identifying, qualifying, and engaging your anonymous website visitors, Happierleads Pro ensures you convert more leads into clients. Trusted by thousands of businesses, its superior data quality and comprehensive features set it apart from other tools. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your marketing strategy. Group buy Happierleads Pro at Imnuke now for a one-time fee with an early-bird discount!
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