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What is Gift Machine?

  • Building your email list is a tedious process…
  • You have to create a landing page, get a lead magnet and buy an autoresponder to store your leads.
  • Then you start annoying your visitors to give you their emails so you can promote offers to them.
  • What if you could do all that in a fun simple way without annoying your visitors – a FRESH + Unique Method…
  • Introducing WP Gift Machine.
  • This software builds you a massive email list without annoying visitors and makes them think it’s their idea.
  • Using a little floating, animated gift icon randomly placed on the site, it attracts people to click on it and unlock a surprise gift that your visitors are happy to receive.

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Gift Machine Upsells:

  • WP Plugin that can build your email list without a page builder.
  • Build Your List Every Day without creating any optin page ever.
  • No More Manual Work – you never have to design landing pages again.
  • Sales Copy by a 7-Figure Copywriter
  • Over $5,000 in PRIZES to Win
  • Guaranteed High Conversions!
  • Use Our 10 Bonuses & Promote
  • Add Multiple Gifts to Your Site
  • Yes with the PRO version you can add not just one gift but multiple gifts on your site and selectively activate and deactivate them based on the holiday or any given month.
  • Select from 20 Different Animations
  • With the PRO version – you get to select from 12 different animations for your gift icon to appear on your site and POP for you, stand out and grab attention of your visitors so you can get more leads every single day.
  • Build a List from Categories & Posts
  • Build lists not just from PAGES or your site’s home page but you can show different gifts on the categories page and different ones across all the posts – only with PRO version. This way you can 10x your list building as visitors hop across your site reading other content as well.
  • Show Different Gifts Across Pages
  • If you want to offer different gifts across pages, posts or categories you can do that with the PRO Version now, this gives you more features to offer different gifts & get leads.
  • Run Parallel List Building Campaigns
  • With the PRO version You can run parallel gift giving and list building campaigns across different parts of your site and build your list in a better, more smarter way.
  • Add YOUR OWN Unlimited Gift Icons or even your Brand LOGO bouncing on your site to get leads & attention.
  • With the PRO version you are not limited to just our icons that we give you but you can add your own icons to your site and show them as gifts across your site to build lists.
  • Build Lists Across Unlimited Sites
  • The PRO version is not limited to just one site or a handful of sites but you can use all the above amazing features across unlimited sites that you have. Turn all your sites into list building machines in a better, smarter and fun way.
  • You’ll get to KEEP 100% PROFITS from All Client Sales
  • Impress Your Clients with this Amazing Plugin
  • Land NEW CLIENTS by adding this plugin to their site for a small fee then charge them more for other services.
  • This is a SMART plugin that will impress your current & future clients, help you stand out and make more money every single month.
  • Organic Traffic from Google & Bing
  • My social content websites
  • My viral content sites & fan pages
  • My Pinterest Pages
  • My social pages & profiles.
  • 100% Real Traffic – Real People
  • Use Different ICONS for Different Holidays
  • Run different offers for each month
  • Create FRESHNESS on your site, not the same old boring thing.
  • STAND OUT from other sites, do things differently.
  • STOP looking for icons on the internet, get them Fully Tested Icons
  • 100% Compatible with Your Site & Gift Machine Plugin
  • Scalable Icon Graphics look great on any size.
  • Work Perfectly on Mobile as well as Desktop Sites
  • You can add them to your site in just 5 seconds.
  • You won’t have to write anything.
  • You won’t have to record videos.
  • You won’t have to make any graphics.
  • Just slap your name on my gift.

You will get: FE + OTOs

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