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Find The Best Products To Sell On Etsy In Seconds

What is EverBee?

  • EverBee is the fastest way to perform Etsy product research, launch new products, and grow your Etsy Sales.

Why you should give this a try?

  • PRODUCT RESEARCH find high-demand products to sell on Etsy so you can make what is trending
  • REVENUE ANALYTICS see how other Etsy listings are performing so you can make high revenue products
  • SAVE TIME only make & sell what people are actually buying
  • CREATE BEST-SELLERS so you can build a growing & sustainable business

More Details:

  • Unlimited Analytics Searches per month
  • Unlimited listing Tags per month
  • ​Unlimited Revenue estimates
  • Unlimited Favorites folder uses

How Does EverBee Work?

EverBee is a Chrome extension that can be integrated right into your existing Etsy shop. You connect it to your shop, and then you will be able to see all of the details you would want to know about listings for a specific keyword.

These are a few of the things that Ever Bee allows you to do:

  • Saves you time. You may potentially be spending time on products that won’t sell or spending time searching for a product that may be a better option, and this can all take up a lot of precious time! EverBee helps you figure out what is doing well, and how you can create something better.
  • Helps with product research. This is one of the main reasons you want to use EverBee! It allows you to do in-depth product research in no time. You can see the products with the highest demand, so you can analyze and see what they are doing best and how you can apply it to your own products.
  • Gives you revenue analytics. A feature of Ever Bee is that it provides the estimated revenue for the past month for each listing. This can help you see which listings have a price that people are willing to pay and if you need to either lower or raise your prices.
  • Make best-selling items. Basically, Ever Bee helps you figure out what items are best-selling so you can create best-selling items yourself. You can see exactly what people are buying and what you can do to bring in this income as well.

EverBee is something that provides a lot of helpful analytics for Etsy shop owners and can be especially helpful for those looking for a new direction for their shop.

Why does EverBee need to connect to my Etsy Shop?

  • When you are creating an account and logging into Ever Bee, you may wonder why you need it connected to your shop. Basically, EverBee is an app for your Etsy shop. So, connecting it to Etsy will allow EverBee the ability to improve the estimated sales algorithm and give better data, which can help them give sellers more accuracy.
  • The more accurate EverBee’s data is, the more that it can help you with your market research and hopefully lead you to more sales! But, know that it does not have any access to change, modify, edit or share any personal or shop information. So don’t worry about that!
  • You can always revoke access from Ever Bee at any time. So if you don’t find it working out for you, you are always able to disconnect it from your shop and stop using the app.

New EverBee features

EverBee just released some new features! It’s the all-new Ever Bee Keyword Research Suite. Here is what’s included:

  • Etsy search bar keyword volume insights.
  • Keyword Finder – See specific keyword insights + related keyword ideas.
  • Tag Search Volume – See the monthly search volume of each particular tag on a listing.
  • Tag Analyzer – Insights of all the tags of each particular listing in one click.

These features can be helpful for sellers who use competitive research before coming up with product and tag ideas.

You will get: Product (Shared account)