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Email List Validation is the leading email list cleaning and checking service, trusted by over 80,000 users, it gives you a single platform to solve all your mailing problems. With Email List Validation, you can ensure that every email address on your list is valid and up-to-date, saving you time and effort in reaching your target audience.

What is Email List Validation?

Email List Validation offers a reliable and efficient solution to ensure that every email address on your list is valid and up-to-date. By using Email List Validation, you can eliminate the risk of sending emails to non-existent or inactive addresses, enhancing the deliverability and effectiveness of your email campaigns.

  • Email duplication
    Removes any duplicate email you may have in your records.
  • Spam trap removal
    Gets rid of any sketchy emails that could be a Spam trap.
  • Risk validator
    Scans for high-risk keywords and Shady TLDs.
  • MTA validations
    Checks whether a Mail Transfer Agent has a valid MX record.
  • Domain Validation
    Removes all emails containing invalid domains.
  • Complainers verify
    Eliminates all email addresses matching our Complainer Database.
  • Syntax verifier
    Checks for any invalid syntaxes and immediately removes them.
  • Real-time bouncing
    Sends untraceable emails to any address which can’t be validated using other methods.
  • Team account
    Allows you to add your team members and collaborate while consuming the same source of credits.
  • Disposable email checker
    Identifies free email accounts that are for masking real email addresses.
  • Anti-greylisting tech
    Waits for some time and tries to validate those specific emails if encountered greylisting.
  • Selectable download
    Allows you to download only the results you need.
Email List Validation
Email List Validation tool

Why should you use Email List Validation?

Email List Validation helps reduce your monthly costs by ensuring that your emails are sent exclusively to real individuals, thus increasing your sender credibility, deliverability, and conversion rates. It improves your email marketing ROI by preventing wasted spending on spam email addresses. Protect your domain reputation score by eliminating spam traps and bounces that are unlikely to damage your reputation.

what does Email List Validation do for you?

  • For that starter, it verifies your email lists and gets rid of all the unwanted emails. Your email marketing investment will not be wasted on any undeliverable or unwanted emails. Also, you will be in ISPs’ good books. That means very little chance of your emails going to the spam folders.
  • Connect Email List Validation API to your website and prevent your users from submitting mistyped or discarded emails.
  • The best part is, the accuracy of Email List Validation is higher than the industry average and our tool is faster than other competitors.
  • This tool also seamlessly connects with most of the marketing tools you use. Once connected, importing and verifying your lists directly becomes as easy as abc.

Who should use Email List Validation?

  • Email List Validation can be utilized by a wide range of individuals and organizations involved in regular high-volume email sending. This includes B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) companies that engage in email marketing, as well as agencies, small startups, solopreneurs, and sales and marketing teams.
  • Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, EmailListValidation provides a valuable solution for verifying and cleaning email lists, ensuring that your messages reach the intended recipients and optimizing the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

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With lifetime access to Email List Validation, you can optimize your email marketing efforts, increase deliverability rates, and make every email count towards achieving your goals. Don’t miss out on the benefits of this invaluable tool – get lifetime access to EmailListValidation today and take control of the quality and effectiveness of your email campaigns.

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