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Dukaan was founded in 2020, Their mission is to reshape the digital retail landscape by defining the future of commerce. Then what is Dukaan it? Let’s explore this tool with me.

What is Dukkan?

Dukaan is an e-commerce platform that enables you to construct, manage, and scale your store in seconds, all without the need for coding or design expertise. Putting up an eCommerce store might take many weeks because you have to write, design, and configure a large number of plugins.

  • For agencies, D2C brands and multiple teams.
  • Everything in Entrepreneur, plus
  • 10 online stores
  • Get store AAB file (Play store)
  • 10 staff accounts per store

Dukaan group buy

Why should you use Dukaan?

Imagine that there existed an eCommerce platform that allowed you to construct both your web store and your very own e-commerce app in matter of minutes. Make it happen with Dukkan.

How does Dukaan work?

  • When you use Duka an, you will have access to all the tools necessary. To rapidly construct your online store, allowing you yo begin doing bussiness with clients in seconds.
  • You can get your store up and running in no time by giving it a name, uploading your inventory. Activating the auto – generation of product descriptions features.
  • You can connect to a payment gateway provided by a third party so that you can start accepting online orders from customers all over the world without incurring any additional transaction fees.
  • You can have your online store up and running in no time with the help of Duka an’s robust set of tools.
  • The storefronts that Dukka an provides are optimized to maximized conversions by providing a spped checkout. Which anables you to convert a greater number of site visitors into paying clients.
  • You can have complete creative and branding control over your store. when you use eCommerce website templated that are professionally developed and highly adaptable.
  • With Duka an, You may improve the functionality of your store by using plugins to do things like tracking analytics and controlling deliveries, as well as establishing email lists.
  • Create a variety of discount coupons, including those with flat rates, percentages off, and buy one, get one free offer to boost sales.
  • Make use of plugins to extend the functionality of your website and add new features. This will allow you to increase the number of customer. Who complete the checkout process, monitor analytics, organize deliveries and shipments, and create robust email lists.
  • You also can dowload an APK file, which enables you to communicate directly with customers through various chat apps.
  • Get an eCommerce experience that is lightning quick and optimized for the checkout process.

What types of business can you Dukaan?

  • Duka an is best suited for business owners who do most or all of their business online.
  • In addition, if your business model relies on frequent repeat purchases from customers. Duka an’s add-on features can help customers make those purchases more easily and faster. Thus boosting customer loyalty and reducing the number of abandoned carts.

What distribution partners does Dukaan offer?

For shipping orders, Duka an offers integration with Shippo as a plugin on Dukaan’s plugin marketplace. You can obtain the best rates from top carriers and start shipping your orders instantly.

What is Dukaan’s plugin marketplace?

  • Dukaan’s plugin marketplace offers you the ability to add additional functionality on top of your existing Dukaan store via plugins for FREE.
  • These include plugins for marketing purposes, enhancing customer support, analytics, delivery, SEO and other store optimization plugins to boost your online business.

Dukaan’s introduction here comes to an end. I hope that the information I provide will help you decide to buy it now. I believe Dukaan will be a great product. Buy now at Dukaan group buy to get the lowest price ever. It won’t let you down. Finally, thank you for reading our Dukaan review!

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