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Dragit is a fast and professional email editor that allows you to create visually stunning emails with ease. Its modern drag and drop interface makes it easy to customize your emails and add various elements such as text, images, and buttons.

What is Dragit?

Dragit is a tool for creating and editing emails for marketing purposes. It has a drag and drop interface that allows users to easily customize the look and content of their emails. It is intended to be fast and professional, and may be useful for marketers, designers, and business owners looking to create visually appealing emails for their campaigns.

Every email is build by blocks that makes it unique, beautiful and brand-specific. Here is the list of all the blocks you can use to build your templates.

  • Text
    Simple but powerfull text blocks with inline WYSIWYG editor, that allows you to seamlessly edit and write your content.
  • Button
    Basic element, that every email needs. Colored, bordered, light or dark, everything you need.
  • Image
    Use our own file storage, and upload and manager all your images. Or find a free stock photos right within the editor.
  • Divider
    When it comes to details, small features like divider, helps you to stand out.
  • Spacer
    Spacing matters. Make your emails pixel perfect, by adjusting all spacing around whole template.
  • Social Icons
    Include your social network links within your email templates. You can use our light, dark or duo-tone icons, or use your own.
  • HTML
    There is always a need to make something specific that only you can make. HTML block gets you covered.
  • Menu
    Show your links in a well-known style of a dynamic nagivation bar. That is automatically closable on mobile.
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Why should you use Dragit?

This tool offers a collection of white label email templates that you can customize to suit your needs. The templates are available in both free and pro versions, and are designed to look beautiful on every device thanks to their responsive design. Get inspired and start creating professional-looking emails that reflect your brand with Dragit’s templates.

What are the benifits of using Dragit?

Some potential benefits of using Dragit for your email marketing campaigns include:

  • Easy customization: This tool is drag and drop interface allows you to easily add and rearrange various elements in your emails, such as text, images, and buttons.
  • Professional templates: This tool offers a wide range of customizable templates that can help you create professional-looking emails that reflect your brand.
  • Responsive design: Dragit’s templates are designed to look great on any device, ensuring that your emails will look good no matter how your audience views them.
  • Time-saving: This tool is user-friendly interface allows you to create emails quickly and efficiently, freeing up time for other tasks.
  • Improved engagement: By creating visually appealing and professional-looking emails with this tool, you can increase the chances of your emails being read and acted upon by your audience.

Overall, This tool is a valuable tool that can help you create high-quality emails that effectively engage and convert your audience.

Who should use Dragit?

Dragit is a tool that may be useful for anyone who is involved in creating or managing email marketing campaigns. This could include marketers, designers, business owners, and other professionals who want to create visually appealing and professional-looking emails.

In conclusion, Dragit is a powerful and user-friendly tool that can help you create professional-looking emails that effectively engage and convert your audience. Its drag and drop interface and customizable templates make it easy to create emails that reflect your brand and meet your specific needs. If you’re looking to improve your email marketing campaigns, consider giving Dragit a try. You can purchase Dragit at our IMNuke site and take advantage of the benefits it has to offer.

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