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Create & Personalize Videos With AI At Massive Scale. With DeepWord, you can create realistic videos of people talking without any actors or equipment. Just select or upload an actor and type or upload what you want them to say.

What is Deep Word?

DeepWord lets you generate realistic deepfake videos, complete with CRM integration for personalized sales and marketing outreach at scale.

    • 14:00 Video Minutes
    • Text To video
  • Scaled Video Campaigns
  • All Languages
  • 25+ Video Actors
  • Custom Video Actor Upload
  • Custom Audio Upload
  • Video Analytic Tracking
  • API access
  • MP4 Downloads
  • Custom Domain Share Pages
  • Fast Processing Time
  • No DeepWord Branding


DeepWord group buy

Why should you use DeepWord?

Deep Word is a startup based in Bloomington, Indiana that makes synthetic media creation accessible to everyone. Their goal is to help individuals and businesses create engaging aggregated content at scale. Since video production is a time-consuming process, you may not be able to use it at all to expand your customer reach. Imagine if there’s a tool that makes creating personalized videos as easy as sending an email, it’s DeepWord I’d recommend it to everyone.

Who is DeepWord the best solution for?

Sales and Marketing

Personalized videos are by far the most engaging means of communication with sales leads or existing customers. However, large-scale production is not feasible due to time and cost constraints. But now with DeepWord, you can upload contacts through any CRM and personalize videos individually using unified tags.

Training & Business Introduction

Need to create training videos for your organization so you can stay up-to-date at any time? Or maybe you want to tailor your company video for each new hire? Now you can, with Deep Word. Create your first two minutes of video for free.

Journalist and news

Need a presenter to deliver important news as it happens? Or maybe you need video versions of your articles and blogs to drive more engagement? Now you can, with Deep Word. Create your first two minutes of video for free.

Education and Tutorials

Need someone to present your material? Or maybe a friendly face to accompany an instructional video? Well you now can, with Deep Word. Create your first two minutes of video for free.


Create personalized video instructions or messages for patients in any language. Customize each patient’s interaction to fit their medical needs. Create your first two minutes of video for free.

What can DeepWord do for you?

  • With Deep Word, you can create deepfake videos of people talking—just type what you want them to say, or upload an audio file of what you want to hear.
  • Choose one of DeepWbord’s video actors or create your own for scaled use.
  • In less than 15 minutes, you’ll be able to generate a deepfake video that can be downloaded, shared, or translated.
  • Deep Word helps you save time and money personalizing videos for individual sales and marketing contacts at scale.
  • You can upload CSV files from any CRM to instantly customize videos for certain contacts with merge tags.
  • Whether you’re in education, sales, or marketing, you’ll be able to integrate Deep Word into your favorite system for seamless distribution.
  • Make the right visual impression by choosing where to overlay your generated video on custom backgrounds.
  • DeepWord lets you create videos in multiple languages, so you can reach new market segments and customer bases.
  • Generate text-to-speech in over 140 languages, each with a variety of realistic voices to choose from.
  • You can also upload audio in any language and bring it to life with DeepWord’s video actors or your own.
  • Thanks to DeepWord’s Python & RESTful APIs, this tool offers seamless integration with any application or database.
  • Deepword’s APIs make it quick and easy to customize videos for any of your contacts while scaling sales and marketing campaigns.
  • That means you’ll be able to streamline producing personalized, translated videos for your userbase—without burdening your team.

Thanks for reading our DeepWord review. I must say that DeepWord is a great product that creates actual deepfake videos from just text or audio files and integrates with CRM, streamlining your personalized video outreach. And I would recommend it to everyone. I hope that the information I provide will help you decide to buy it right at our DeepWord group buy.

You will get: DeepWord Premium (Shared account)