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Craft Inspector is Etsy’s groundbreaking research software that finds every store’s top sellers, their secret ratings, and even their traffic sources! Continue to follow my article to learn about this tool.

What is Craft Inspector?

Craft Inspector is the world’s first Etsy shop & product desktop software with 4 powerful built-in tools for easily uncovering hidden profitable products, shops, niches, and traffic sources from the massively popular crafting network!

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Who is Craft Inspector for?

  • Etsy store owners
  • ECom Store Owners
  • Newbies Wanting to sell online
  • Students looking for a side hustle
  • Retirees looking for extra income
  • Bloggers looking for ways to monetize their blogs
  • Freelancers looking to offer analysis services to their customers
  • Small business owners looking to sell their products

Start earning with Craft Inspector today

Gain an insurmountable competitive advantage

  • Business is competitive, so why not gain an advantage with CraftInspector -your competitors’ most hidden secrets at your fingertips.

Spy on your competitors keywords, stores and traffic sources

  • Leave no stone unturned with Craft Inspector – and start copying successful strategies today.

Start the ultimate side hustle

  • Whether you’re a student, retiree, blogger, or just looking for extra income, there has never been a better time to start a profitable side hustle with CraftInspector.

Newbie friendly

  • CraftInspector Is literally plug and play – it’s so simple my 4-year old daughter could start using it today.

Plug-and-play simplicity

  • Just enter your niche, hit return and watch as a wealth of deeply researched competitive information reveals itself to you.

Benefit from the hottest trends

  • Timing is everything in business and with Craft Inspector you will gain access to the hottest trends and the most guarded secrets your competitors don’t want you to know about.

What you will receive?

The new Craftinspector combines simplicity of a visual interface, with the power of supercharged Etsy Research tools to improve your online or offline business!

  • Instant Access
    You’ll have access to the Craft Inspector software which finds the best ranking Etsy keywords, products and shops.
  • Cutting-Edge Shop & Product Analysis
    You’ll have the tools to perform the type of in-depth store analysis necessary to set your Etsy store or eCom store sales revenue on a winning trajectory.
  • Sell Data for Easy Cash
    Using this tool, you can even make a considerable income performing the analysis and selling the data for hundreds or even thousands of dollars to clients who don’t have the time to do this for themselves.
  • Skyrocket Your Income
    You will be able to skyrocket your income by putting Craft Inspector to work.
  • Top Quality “Extra” Bonuses
    Get instant access to 4 powerful & HIGH quality bonuses during this discount promotion. But, afterwards these extra bonuses will be removed!

More Details:

  • Keyword Generator Tool
  • Product Search tool
  • Shop Search Tool
  • Shop Analyzer Tool
  • Product Tag Analyzer Tool
  • Product Title Analyzer Tool
  • Commercial License
  • Outsource License
  • 10 Computer Installs
  • Video Instructional Training
  • Extra Bonuses Included
  • Niche Generator Tool
  • Etsy Trending Searches
  • Redbubble Trending Searches
  • Redbubble Popular Searches
  • Google Trending Searches
  • Niche Analyzer Tool
  • Extract Niches from 9 Sites
  • Get Niche Data from 11 Sites
  • Commercial License
  • Outsource License
  • Video Instructional Training
  • Launch Discount Included

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CraftInspector is not something you’ve seen before. And it has the potential to work for you regardless of your education, skills, or online experience. Craft Inspector is the answer to discovering targeted keywords, best selling products and successful stores on Etsy. No other software on the planet has the features you get inside Craft Inspector! Shop now at our Craft Inspector group buy to get the best tools at the cheapest price. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

You will get: FE + OTO1 (Individual)

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