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Copysmith is the place to come together to create great content. Copysmith’s platform empowers marketers, creative agencies, and eCommerce teams to create, collaborate, and deliver marketing content that converts.

What is Copysmith?

Copysmith can create category content, product descriptions, headlines and rewritten content, taglines, and PPC ads. The opportunities are endless. According to the website, the solution is built to create high-converting ads, emails, and product descriptions as quickly as possible, so you can spend less time staring at a blank page.

  • Workflow Queue
  • Project & File Sharing
  • Bulk Product Descriptions Limited 100 SKUs / upload
  • Bulk Content Generation Limited Limited 100 files / upload
  • Campaign Builder
  • Integrations
  • Google Ads
  • Shopify
  • Frase SEO Enhancer
  • Zapier
  • Google Docs
  • Chrome Extension
  • WooCommerce
  • Microsoft Word
  • Support Services
  • In-App Chat
  • Email
  • Credits
  • Monthly Credits 400
  • Additional Credits $10 / 25 Credits
  • Plagiarism Checks 100 / month
  • Included 5 Team Members
  • Ali’s Expertise
  • Personalized Copy
  • Custom Content Builder
  • Custom 10 generators
  • Test credits 50/month

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Why should you try Copysmith?

If you’re dealing with multiple websites and spend a lot of time creating copy for those assets, you may find that AI marketing content saves you a significant amount of cash. Copysmith allows you to scale your marketing content almost infinitely, with a content producer who never sleeps. You can rewrite the content you love, get help coming up with content and blog ideas, and craft product descriptions in the same place.

Who should use Copysmith? is best for marketing agencies, freelancers, in-house marketing teams, and e-commerce owners that need to generate content quickly. It specializes in scaling content faster. Compared to other AI writing tools, Copysmith focuses a bit more on long-form content for blog writers with their unique “Article Writing Assistant” that helps you break down the content and then expand upon it.
It focuses primarily on a few different types of services:

  • Content Rewriter – Rewrite the content you love, quickly.
  • Product Descriptions – Craft beautiful descriptions worthy of your products
  • Content Ideas – Incredible ideas for partnerships, innovations, sponsorships, and more.
  • Blog Ideas – Get great blog ideas in a few clicks. Pair with the Blog Outline or Intro generator!

They seem to specialize in creating ideas and content on the fly for a first draft situation. The tool is good for solving writer’s block, which we all struggle with from time to time. They also have a few features such as the “Pitch Yourself” feature which can be a little fun as well.

What content does Copysmith offer you?

These types of content include:

  • Blog Posts – Just Released for Business Plans, Professionals & Early Adopters
  • Product Description
  • Category page content
  • Content rewriter
  • SEO meta tags
  • Landing page content
  • Content ideas and outlines
  • Intro line
  • Advertising ideas
  • Ad title
  • Google’s advertising content
  • Facebook Advertising Content
  • Advertising content on Instagram

How does it work?

  • Let’s say I want to make a blog trailer clone.
    After clicking on “new file” in the portal, you will see a screen to start your writing work.
  • It’s pretty simple, but a bit confusing the first few times. You only need to enter the name of the file, this is mainly to keep things organized. If you want to assign it to a folder or project, you can do that too. You will then select the type of content you want to create and click “Create”
  • Next, you’ll seed the CopySmith with the content you want it to generate. For this example, I chose to have it write the blog introduction to a blog about “Best On-Page SEO Tips,” in a “Professional” tone.
  • Results are generated in perhaps less than 5 seconds. But I’ve seen this take up to 30 seconds (probably during high volume). Copysmith has provided a total of 10 blog post intros for you to choose from.
  • The results are pretty solid. While SEO is a much-written topic on the subject, the AI ​​engine is smart enough to recognize the difference between on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The professional tone is also clearly expressed.

The OpenAI and solutions are some of the top competitors today. The good news is that Copysmith’s product roadmap is always evolving, making the service even more competitive and appealing to today’s business owners. Overall, Copysmith produces useful, original, and good quality copy in a small amount of time. Well, listening to this, you must have wanted to buy it right away, right? Buy now at Copysmith group buy. We always have cheaper than ever. Thanks for reading!

You wil get: Copysmith Professional (Shared account)