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Introducing ConnectVideo, the groundbreaking solution that empowers advertisers to regain retargeting capabilities, even amidst the iOS14 update. With innovative technology, you can effortlessly create highly profitable audiences encompassing your past, present, and future clients.

What is ConnectVideo?

ConnectVideo is a brand-new tool that helps you create profitable “Super Video Audiences” in seconds. By leveraging breakthrough technology, ConnectVideo enables advertisers to effortlessly generate lucrative target audiences that encompass their previous, existing, and prospective clients.

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Why should you use ConnectVideo?

I have 5 reasons to believe in “Video Audiences” for the future of Facebook Ads.

The reliable solution since the iOS 14 update.

  • When your prospective clients watch a video of yours on the Facebook app or the site, Facebook has complete access over that data.
  • The same is true for all the video views on Instagram (but more on that a bit later).

Guaranteed to work forever (despite all future updates).

  • As Facebook controls all the data for the videos that are played on Facebook-owned sites and apps, future changes to Apple or Google products won’t have any impact.
  • So, video audiences will be a safe harbor for Facebook advertisers for many years to come.

Reach your target audience 52x longer than usual!

  • Video audiences have 365 days retention. whereas pixel-based audiences can only go up to 7 days on iOS devices.
  • Which means, when you set up video audiences, Facebook can have up to 52x more data to show your ads to more interested parties.

Unmatched segmentation for increased relevance.

  • This is not often talked about, but pixel-based audiences always had some limitations.

Video audiences are profitable!

  • I saved the best reason for last.

How does it work?

    • Step 1: Connect your Facebook Ads account.
  • Step 2: Pick your criteria for creating “Super Video Audiences”
  • Step 3: That is it — there’s no third step!

ConnectVideo OTO Upsells:

  • ConnectVideo helps advertisers get retargeting back, even on iOS14!
  • Ever since the iOS14 update was announced, we’ve been working on breakthrough technology to easily create new and profitable audiences that target all your past, present, and future clients.
  • Create Unlimited Email Retargeting Audiences
  • Use & Connect Unlimited Autoresponders & Email Lists
  • Exclusive Bonus Package
  • Premium Email Support
  • 30 Day Refund Guarantee
  • Use it to get new subscribers to your newsletter!
  • Use it to promote your ebook or special report as a lead magnet from within Facebook™ (NO squeeze or landing page needed!)
  • Offer instant deals, coupons and other incentives in exchange for instant opt-in!
  • Marketing B2B? Use Lead Ads to conduct surveys to develop qualified leads!
  • Run contests and giveaway promotions – People enter by subscribing with a simple tap!
  • Planning a webinar? Use FB™ Lead Ads and ConnectLeads to promote your webinar – users can instantly register via two taps!
  • The first ever platform to allow you to run behavioral retargeting campaigns on Facebook?
  • Want to retarget those who scrolled all the way to the bottom of your sales page? Easy. Only those who visited your site 5+ times or at least 10 minutes? No problem.
  • Unlimited Access to all of the Premium Facebook™ marketing in the suite, including ConnectAudience, ConnectLeads, ConnectRetarget (more coming soon)
  • Exclusive access to our entire “Inner Circle” workshop collection, and a special invitation to the next LIVE event (on the first Wednesday of next month)
  • If you cancel within 30 days of starting your trial, you won’t be charged a single dime
  • ConnectExplore is yours to keep even if you decide ConnectSuite isn’t right for you (as long as you don’t ask to refund it, of course)
  • If you decide you want to keep ConnectSuite, you’ll be charged an on-going fee of $97 per month, starting 30 days from now
  • Cancel ConnectSuite anytime – you’re never locked into a long term contract
  • Unlimited Facebook Pages
  • Unlimited “Boost Post” Rules
  • Unlimited Set & Forget Rules
  • Unlimited dynamic ad sets names
  • Auto Conversion-Optimization
  • Auto-Boost
  • Auto-Targeting
  • Auto-Update
  • Auto-Log
  • Content Formula Bonus
  • Outsourcing Formula Bonus

ConnectVideo turns these video views into a profitable “customer magnet” that you can leverage over and over again! So you can create profitable ads much more easily without changing your existing channels, workflows or account structure. That’s because ConnectVideo leverages your existing work and makes your life easier, while increasing your bottom line.

You will get: FE (Shared account)

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