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Introducing Connect Audience: the ultimate solution to skyrocket your revenue per subscriber. With ConnectAudience, you can effortlessly boost your ROI by up to 243% and turn your ad campaigns into profit-generating machines. No more need for extensive Facebook™ ads expertise or expensive marketing apps.

What is Connect Audience?

With Connect Audience, you can effortlessly create highly targeted custom audiences based on specific subscriber behaviors, resulting in improved conversions and reduced ad costs.

ConnectAudience – Seamless Autoresponder & FB™ Account Integration For MASSIVE ROI Boosts

  • Increase your revenue per subscriber by 156% to 243%
    Easily multiply sales generated from your subscriber lists. Best of all, without sending more emails!
  • Create FB™ Ad campaigns that deliver insane ROI!
    By creating super-profitable campaigns that will target exactly the subscribers you want it doesn’t get any easier!
  • Integrates with your FB™ account and autoresponders for seamless efficiency
    No more time wasted exporting, downloading CSV files, filtering subscribers, and (re)building custom audiences manually, etc. ConnectAudience manages everything for you!
  • Cloud-based Software
    Nothing to download or install. Use via any web browser! Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or mobile devices!
Connect Audience review
Connect Audience review

Why should you use Connect Audience?

Using Connect Audience eliminates the need for specialized expertise or expensive outsourcing by providing a user-friendly interface that allows virtually anyone to become a Facebook™ marketing pro within minutes. This means you can save valuable time and resources while maximizing your ad campaign’s effectiveness.

Who should use Connect Audience?

No matter who you are, ConnectAudience will help you take your marketing to exciting new heights!

  • Are you just starting out in marketing online?
    ConnectAudience will help you get the most out of your subscribers, even if your lists are fairly small! By running intelligent, well-targeted campaigns on Facebook™, you will get more clicks and see more profits than just emailing alone.
  • Are you a seasoned internet marketer?
    You may be frustrated by dwindling earnings per subscriber, seeing dismal click or open rates and so on. With ConnectAudience, you can make more money from your lists by doing smart targeting to segments of your lists (see the examples above, which is just the tip of the iceberg for what you can do!) so you’ll get higher levels of engagement and a boost in ROI on all your future email campaigns.
  • Are you a small business owner?
    Get more activity from your customer database and FB™ fan page. Run ultra-targeted ads to your customers for promotions, upcoming events, and other incentives. This will increase leads, goodwill, brand awareness, and of course sales!
  • Do you promote eCommerce products?
    ConnectAudience will increase your ROI practically overnight, by helping you run highly specific retargeting campaigns. And if you’re using your store to build a subscriber list, it will allow you to make the maximum possible profits per subscriber.
  • Are you a list builder and email marketer?
    Segment your lists like never before and watch your promotional emails pull higher profits than you’ve ever seen. Let ConnectAudience do all the work, creating custom audiences that you can promote to for explosive returns.
  • Do you currently use retargeting in your business?
    See how easy it is to integrate your existing email lists into your retargeting campaigns Watch as the software constantly updates your target audiences, so your ads get maximum reach and results every time.

How to use Connect Audience?

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Make a game plan to run ads based on the email series for your promotion. Set up one set of ads for an audience who opened but didn’t click, as well as one for those who didn’t open the emails, or clicked, etc., depending on your preferences.
  • Step 2: Use ConnectAudience to create the custom audience that will target your subscribers based on where they are along your email sequence.
  • Step 3: Simply set up your ads on FB™ to work with your custom audience, per your preferences.

This application is 100% web-based and hosted in our secure cloud. Due to significant infrastructure demands, as well as the constant development needed to keep it on the cutting edge! We hope you’ll take this offer and utilize it to build your business even more!

You will get: Connect Audience (Shared account)

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