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What is BubbleScout?

  • BubbleScout is a one-click niche research tool for the Redbubble print on demand marketplace

Why you should give this a try?

  • BubbleScout is simple & easy to use: Simply go to Redbubble.com & perform a keyword search.
  • Then, click the BubbleScout chrome extension on the results page to view the # daily sales, # monthly sales, and overall NICHE SCORE to guide your decision making & boil it down to a science.

More Details:

  • Get data on the top 20 products, top 20 keywords, and top 20 trending keywords.
  • Know each Redbubble keyword’s estimated sales/month and much more!
  • See a keyword’s popularity trend over time.
  • Copy a product’s tags

You will get: Product (Shared account)