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Book Brush helps create sharp, professional graphics so marketing your book won’t cost you too much time or money. This tool is quick, easy, user-friendly and does not require any skills.

What is Book Brush?

Book Brush is a visual design tool that allows you to create social media ads and banners. It is similar to Canva but Book Brush is designed specifically for authors. It is especially useful for those who have no photoshop skills but still want a tool to save time.

  • Image downloads
  • More saved projects, backgrounds, uploaded images
  • The ability to upload your own fonts
  • Access to the Cover Creator
  • Access to the Box Set Creator
  • Access to Instant Mockups
Book Brush
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Why should you use Book Brush?

The biggest thing that Book Brush offers is speed. With other tools, it takes a few hours to complete a design. With Book Brush, however, you can have quick graphic designs for ads and social media in minutes. Of course, the level of professionalism will also depend on your personal choice, so make sure to approach the tool with a deep understanding of some of the design basics such as color Colors, layouts and fonts will make your drawings much better.

What are the benifits of using Book Brush?

  • Quickly create 3D book covers using their library of templates. With the Gold plan, you will have over 200 different pre-made templates for you to choose from.
  • Access their library of ready-made templates for Facebook ads and more. You don’t have to guess about choosing the right size or structure of your images.
  • Add video effects to your book ad images with the included video maker.
  • Visit a library of community-created templates for more options.
  • Use a library of more than 1.5 million royalty-free photos and book stamps

What does Book Brush have?

Custom Creator

  • The Custom Creator allows you to create images and graphics for multiple platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, websites and banner ads, Amazon, BookBub, etc. You can also create your own custom books for your needs if you don’t choose from one of the platform-specific templates.
  • The process is extremely easy and quick. It won’t take more than 3 minutes to have a design you’re happy with. All you need is an image of your book cover that you can swap in the templates section.

Cover Creator

  • Now you no longer have to worry about creating book covers anymore. With this tool, it’s easy and only takes about 2 minutes. All you have to do is select the desired 3D cover, then upload your book cover image. Complete!

Instant Mockups

  • Instant Mockups are the most important and most distinctive feature of Book Brush
  • It provides a huge library of mockups. These models are not designed for tuning. Instead, you simply upload your book cover, choose your template, and before you start, you have a downloadable image. It’s great for fast loading of high-quality 3D cover images and similar models.
  • For those who really want to put in the effort to create professional ads or social media images, this is a very useful tool.

Boxset Creator

  • Boxsets require several templates to work. Boxset Creator makes it easy to upload your book cover for the main design, then create your own designs for the spine.

Book Brush is one of the most exciting book marketing tools I’ve seen in years. It’s the easiest way for authors to create high-quality advertising graphics — hands down. I recommend you buy it now at our Book Brush group buy to own the best tool at the cheapest price. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for reading!

You will get: Book Brush Gold plan (Shared account)